The House That Is NOT a Home

One-Sqm-House in Berlin

What makes a home? In my opinion, a home is made up of a cozy bed, an inviting kitchen, a comfy couch, a loving family, and a pantry stocked with Nutella. Apparently I’m wrong. Well, at least according to Van Bo Le-Mentzel.


Mr. Le-Mentzel is the architect responsible for designing what has been named the “One-Sqm-House,” which is literally an enclosed area measuring one square meter. From the picture, you can see all that really fits within one square meter is an average sized individual, a pillow, and some reading material. There isn’t space for kids, a spouse, a tv, any unannounced visitors…wait, this is actually sounding quite enticing.

Anyway, although the aforementioned factors seem appealing, I don’t think you can really call it a home unless there is a bathroom, or a toilet at the very least. But if you disagree, and live or are planning to visit Berlin, you can rent this beautiful oceanfront property…or parking space property…for the equivalent of $1.30 per night.

Home or Haven?

Let’s recap. For less than I find in my husband’s pants pockets during laundry day, I can have a designated area all to myself, with no interruptions, where my only options are sleeping or reading. Instead of the “One-Sqm-House,” they should name this little treasure “Mama’s Retreat Bungalow.” Who really needs a bathroom anyway? As a Mom, I’ve learned to hold it for hours while I tend to my family’s every need. Plus, if you’re a Mother, how many times have you thought, “I would pay for some peace and quiet.”? Well now you can, and you can do so for less than $2 a day through Airbnb.

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*Feel free to leave a comment on your take of whether or not to coin the One-Sqm-House a home, but I may not respond immediately. I’ll be too busy researching flights to Berlin.


Well, from your very own perspective I think it is indeed the perfect getaway for some alone time to escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy schedule. However, this is definitely not suitable for claustrophobics who might just need a trip to the hospital instead of a holiday because this cramped storage compartment could induce a lot of stress for them.


I'm totally with you on the peace and quiet, sleeping and reading, but I need a little more space and what's the airflow like in that sucker? 

Jon Imhoff
Jon Imhoff

At least you could stay dry in one of those. Don't know if I'd want one in Oklahoma as it might become the new state bird.