Got Trash to Haul? Give Griffin Waste Services a Call!

Griffin Waste Services Offers Dumpster Rentals for House Demolitions and Other Construction Projects

Are you working on a roofing, siding, building addition/demolition, or any other home or construction project that will create a large amount of waste? Are you in Charlotte, Asheville, Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Knoxville or Nashville? If you answered “yes” to those two questions, then Griffin Waste Services is your one answer.

Built on experience, innovation, and customer service, Griffin Waste Services is a junk removal and waste container rental company with locations in North Carolina, Northern Kentucky, and Tennessee. Founded on the principle of exceeding your expectations, you can anticipate personalized service, quality equipment, and local loyalty when you rent from Griffin Waste Services.

Dumpster Service Options

At Griffin Waste Services, you have waste management options. You can either load your own dumpster or have their helpful staff remove the debris for you. If you choose to load your own, it takes one simple phone call, and they’ll quote you a price right then and there that includes delivery, rent, haul, and disposal. If you choose for them to remove the waste, you can schedule their “load and go” service, sit back, and watch them do the work for you.

Waste Container Specifications

The dumpsters available for rent through Griffin Waste Services measure 8’ wide, 4’tall, and 12’ long, and can be filled with up to one ton of debris. With a low loading height and back door, the dumpsters are easily accessible, and only require the amount of space required to park a car when delivered. The employees of Griffin Waste Services can often provide same day delivery, and guarantee their service will save you time and labor.

Cincinnati Waste Management Dumpster RentalComments made by past customers of Griffin Waste Services include:

  • “Great customer service and the best prices around!” – John A.
  • “Recommend to anybody.” – Rachel J.
  • “Everyone needs a trusty waste service. They’re wonderful people to deal with. On time and honest, what more could you ask for?” – Merick G.
  • “Griffin Waste Service exceeded my expectations.” – Anonymous

You don’t have to take my word for it or the positive reviews of so many satisfied customers. Check out Griffin Waste Services website, and reserve your own waste removal today.


Last week me and my brothers started building a big barn on this land we just purchased. We thought the dumpster bins that we owned would be enough. However, after seeing that we still have plenty more things to do, I think we should rent something a little bigger. I just have no experience when it comes to looking for a dumpster. Although I did like that you mentioned some businesses give the option to have the dumpster delivered to you, or that you can pick it up yourself. I think having one delivered would be a really nice option.


This is just the information I was looking for about dumpster rentals! My husband and I have been wanting to finish our basement for a while now and the plans are finally underway! We are going to need a dumpster for the extra trash and other debris. I will have to show this to my husband and see what he thinks.


Wow! That would be quite the load of waste to load up in the top picture of the house being torn down. These dumpster companies can help you with that? You'd definitely need a huge industrial dumpster to get all of that off the yard. We might look into renting a dumpster for our renovations.