Organize Your Storage Space in Cincinnati by Recycling E-Waste

Cincinnati E-Waste Recycling and Self Storage Unit Rentals for Getting Organized

Get Organized By Recycling That Pile of Unwanted Computers and Electronics

One of the best things about the warmer months is the ability to open up your windows and let some fresh air into your residence. Sometimes your living quarters can get a bit stuffy and allowing some outside air to flow into your rooms just makes you feel better.

Something else that makes you feel better is getting organized and cleaning out some crowded and cluttered areas of the home or apartment. The warmer months are a great time to do this too, as you don’t have to be as concerned with leaving the doors open as you move things in and out of the house or garage. The yard or patio makes a great staging area as you rearrange furniture, belongings, or anything else which just doesn’t seem to be in the right place.

Need Extra Storage Space?

As we accumulate possessions over the course of our lives, many times you just can’t seem to find the right spot for something, but you don’t want to take it out to the curb for the garbage truck, and you really don’t want to sell it either. Public self storage units for rent are a great resource for safely and securely tucking these items away. Sports equipment, furniture, decorations, and old records are prime candidates when deciding on items to store in order to free up extra space. In addition if you live in a geographic region that gets hot in the summer months like Cincinnati, self storage facilities lease air cooled and climate controlled storage units.

Storage Rental in Cincinnati OH

Another type of item you might encounter when cleaning out rooms, basements, or garages is the pile of electronics like computers, monitors, televisions, and game consoles which you weren’t quite ready to discard until you were sure their replacements worked properly. These discard piles over time seem to take on a life of their own and can seem to grow exponentially as more upgrades are done.

You won’t want to store these old items and you won’t be using them anymore. They’re also so outdated that donating them is unfeasible since nobody will take them. You can’t set them out on the curb because the garbage crew won’t pick them up either. What to do? Recycle them!

Properly disposing of unwanted, outdated, or just plain broken electronic equipment in a manner that is environmentally safe is fairly easy to accomplish. Many communities have special centers or businesses where unwanted electronics, also known as e-waste, can be taken for proper disposal. Many of these services are offered free of charge or for a very nominal fee.

E-Waste Recycling Options in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati and Hamilton County, OH Electronic Waste RecyclingFor example, in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area, The Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries (OVGI) has teamed up with Dell Computers to create Dell Reconnect. Twenty Goodwill locations throughout the Cincinnati metro region accept residential electronics for recycling free of charge. In addition, there are a number of Hamilton County electronics recycling enterprises serving both residential as well as commercial e-waste recycling needs.

On the west coast, an organization called Greenspot Dropoff has teamed up with a number of self storage businesses to create e-waste recycling collection points.

Searching online for an e-waste recycling center in your community is a good way to learn about and locate electronics recycling centers and how they benefit everyone. A call to your local municipality or landfill operator is an additional method you can employ to seek ways to properly dispose of unwanted computers and electronic waste.

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