My Other Car is a Crane

Cranes working on Windmills
During a recent road trip to Michigan, I observed my first wind farm that included hundreds of wind turbines. After making up answers to appease my three year old daughter’s endless questions of “Mommy, what are those? What do they do? How do they work? Can I have one?” I realized I had my own questions. My most ponderous queries dealt more with how such an enormous structure was constructed and how in the world the pointy “thingies” were placed up so high. I mean,  I have been to Home Depot lots of times, and I’ve never seen a ladder that tall. When I asked my husband how it was possible to construct something so tall and big, he simply responded with, “The same way Stonehenge was built.” Thanks for nothing, Honey. It was then that I looked over, and actually got to witness a wind turbine in the middle of construction. With a slap on the head, I realized that there’s no real magic behind its creation. Instead, the smoke and mirrors in this case came in the form of a crane.

There are numerous types of cranes designed to carry out specific tasks. Each model of crane is equipped with optional attachments, as well as engine and horsepower ability for different lifting capacities. For example, you may spot a carry deck crane if you are inside a warehouse that is transporting items from high shelving. During the assembly of a bridge, you will most likely see a lattice truck crane in use. Those wind turbines? Probably put together with the use of a truck mounted crane. These are just a few of the models of crane rentals and rigging equipment available for rent through construction equipment rental companies on Rent It Today.

During my research of cranes for this article, I realized that they are not solely used for construction. In fact, I located some fascinating crane uses that I feel must be shared with anyone looking for a crane rental. You can be the judge as to whether or not they really occurred or are a staged incident.

Interesting Use of a Crane #1

To steal a car off a car dealership’s lot:  (Thief uses crane to steal Jeep – Chicago Tribune)

Interesting Use of a Crane #2
To get a head start in a crane race:  (

Interesting Use of a Crane #3
To know what it feels like to be a tether-ball:  (

Interesting Use of a Crane #4
To inform your employees when it’s time to get back to work:  (

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It's interesting to see all the uses that people find for cranes. I can see why you'd want to have one just sitting around. They'd come in handy even for people that don't have any commerical use for it. Plus, it would just be fun to lift stuff up. 


Cranes are really important in building things. We wouldn't have many of the buildings today if we didn't have cranes. They make the job a lot easier. Like the article says, cranes have many attachments so that they can do different things. That is really cool! With different attachments we are not limited in what we can do with cranes. 


It is funny how a child's questions about something can lead you to having your own. I didn't realize that cranes were used for more than construction. I'll have to do some more research on the subject.

James Lisbon
James Lisbon

Tiana, I liked how you mentioned that there are many cranes, all of which are designed to perform a specific function.   That being said, it would probably be a good idea to determine what kind of crane you need.   The last thing someone would probably want is to get a crane that doesn't fit their needs.