Offbeat Rental Report: Self Storage As Ultimate Man Cave

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Self Storage Units – The Ultimate “Man Cave”

Self Storage Company Evolves The Man Cave

Every successful concept evolves from a basic form to its ultimate expression. The Model T led to the Ferrari, and the most plush private jet can trace its roots to the Wright brother’s wood and canvas flyer.

According to a January 20, 2012 story in the The Daytona Beach News Journal,  Charlotte,  N.C. based Hyde Park Storage Suites has taken two concepts, the man cave and self storage, to new heights simultaneously.

Self Storage client rents unit makes man cave

Mancaveology from

The self storage company offers large units that can be leased and customized. Purchase is also an option. And the customization can only be characterized as over the top.  For starters, the storage units are climate-controlled spaces with electrical hook-ups, and plumbing can be installed. From there, only the imagination and budget of the customer limit what can be developed in the creation of the ultimate personal space. Standard equipment can include a big screen TV and refrigerator, and the driving theme is to ‘have it all’ in your own space. Virtually any creature comfort can be incorporated. Pool tables, poker tables, pinball machines, and video games are not uncommon additions.

In addition to the luxury of designing and customizing a personal man cave, the facility customers also have access to an onsite clubhouse. The clubhouse is in keeping with the luxury culture of the complex and includes maintained restrooms, a furnished lounge with plush couches, large screen TV, a bar, and kitchenette.

One of the major draws of the complex is the camaraderie which develops between the participants. Most of the tribe not only store their motorcycles, classic cars, and even motor homes in their units, they also work on them there. Vehicle restoration is also a favorite hobby. The opportunity to learn from each other and share ideas, concepts, and even tools and resources creates an environment not unlike a fraternity.

Are Self Storage Units the Ultimate Man Cave?

Logo for Hyde Park Storage Suites - Contact themHyde Park Storage Suites has operated their original location in Charlotte since 2001, and has recently opened a larger state of the art development in the Daytona Beach market.  It’s no coincidence that both locations are located near NASCAR tracks, as company founders Kevin Mahl and Jamie Rolewicz also own Champion Tire & Wheel, a company that uses 26 tractor-trailers to transport equipment and supplies for NASCAR teams. You can visit Hyde Park Storage Suites on Facebook here and see various “degrees of Mancaveology”.

Every man needs a place to hang out, lay back and decompress. Being able to do so in luxury and style and with like minded friends in a place that allows secure storage of adult toys is a concept in evolution that Darwin could only have dreamed of.

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  • Jon Imhoff

    My guess is if you have to ask, you cannot afford it. At least these versions. I’m in the same boat, so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.

  • earlfinnegan

    I’ll have to check if the local Canadian storage lot has any that big. I’d love to have that kind of setup.


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