Rent Self Storage Units and Eliminate the Clutter!

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Cincinnati OH Self Storage Units

Get Rid of the Clutter with Self Storage – Illustration by Pablo Bernasconi

Eliminate Clutter by Renting Self Storage Units

Clutter in the closet, basement, garage, attic, you name it, the stuff seems to be everywhere you look. When you moved into your residence one of the things you liked best about it was the extra space to store your household goods, clothes, shoes, and the items you require.

Over time as you naturally began to accumulate more possessions, perhaps you added a storage solution like a Closet-maid or shelving to manage what was on the verge of becoming clutter. Now once again that space is in need of organizing and you’ve resolved to clean it up and restore a sense of order to your castle. The process is called decluttering and there is a convenient solution to help you reclaim the space you so enjoyed when you moved in.  And it’s a solution you can use for as little as a month:  self storage rental.

Get Help Getting Organized with Self Storage Rental

Need help with clutter? Self Storage to the rescue!

Self storage is a great option for getting started. A local self storage facility will provide you with a space that fits your storage needs, and offers a secure spot where you can stash your useful possessions. Modern storage facilities, like Extra Space Storage’s Cincinnati, OH Self Storage Facility are designed for security and easy access. They are spacious, well lit, and offer a variety of different sized enclosures. For example a 5′ x 10′ storage unit rental provides enough space to store the contents of a medium sized room. You can rent a space about the size of a large closet, up to a garage sized storage area capable of handling the contents of several rooms.

A key point to remember is that you’re not the Lone Ranger. Sometimes the process of freeing up some space to get organized can seem a bit overwhelming. A good suggestion is to visit a local self storage provider and speak to the pros who interact with folks in your situation on a daily basis. Not only can they provide you with some pointers and suggestions for getting started, they will also be happy to show you rental storage space options which will give you a feel for what is available. Many storage facilities have a manager who lives on site and can be a valuable source of information relating to the best way to store your goods.

The longest journey begins with a single step. Find a local self storage provider and give them a call. Set up a visit and get the ball rolling. It’s also wise to keep in mind that many people share rental space, so if a friend or relative is facing the same predicament, consider forming a team and sharing not only the rental facility unit, but also the goal of reclaiming your space. Start with the end in mind and visualize how good you’ll feel when your goal is reached. Pick your celebration spot and treat yourself with a reward when the mission is accomplished.

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