Holiday Decorating with Man Lifts and Scissor Lift Rentals

Boom Lift Rentals Holiday Decorating With  Electric Man Lifts, Scissor Lift Rentals, and Aerial Work Platforms There’s a reason holiday decorations tend to stay up well past the new year; merely getting them up in the first place is bad enough. After you’ve braved the dusty attic, excavated the boxes of decorations, and untangled the massive clump of cords and lights, you now get to climb a rickety old ladder in the cold and place your safety in fate’s hands for hours on end. Provided you survive that ordeal, odds are you won’t be looking forward to doing the whole thing again just to get them back in the attic a few weeks later. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Simply contact a local construction equipment rental company and rent an aerial work platform. People are starting to catch on to a new — and infinitely safer — trend in holiday and Christmas decorating. Electric man lift rental machines and electric scissor lifts provide stable footing and secure work platforms that hold tools, lights, and decorations. More importantly they are relatively easy to use and much safer than climbing up a twenty year old ladder. Scissor Lift RentalElectric man lifts are the smaller-scale solution of the two. These are generally one-man lifts that consist of a bucket affixed to a telescoping arm, which can be moved around with a wheeled base. The smaller form factor makes these easier to move through doors and transport from spot to spot. If your Christmas tree is often jokingly compared to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree or your decorating needs are a little more aggressive in scope consider renting an articulating boom lift, towable aerial lift, or scissor lift from a construction equipment rental company. Local heavy equipment suppliers will have a wide variety of available aerial equipment built to handle various weight capacities at different heights. It will take the hassle out of  just about any  job that involves high reach applications. Scissor lifts have a large aerial work platform that is elevated by interconnected supports that extend in a scissor-like fashion. With a scissor lift rental, an entire decorating crew along with tools and decorations can be elevated to heights that out range an electric man lift. Typically, these lifts are used for large-scale indoor decorating projects like malls or public buildings. However, thanks to a competitive spirit personal homes have started to rival the decorative splendor of more ornate areas. Rather than dread the task of decking the halls, try investing in your own safety and peace of mind this year with a electric aerial lift rental.

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