What Not to Do When Remodeling Your Home’s Kitchen

Photo via casalatina.com

Photo via caalatina.com

Kitchen remodels can be a bit pricey – and that’s assuming you don’t run into any unexpected surprises (and know what you’re doing). To avoid blowing up your renovation budget, we’ve shared a list of five layout ideas to avoid, courtesy of Jamie Wiebe for HouseLogic.com. Good luck!

  1. Creating a Crowded Kitchen: Wiebe says it’s important not to squeeze too much into the space you have. If you’re thinking about installing an island, Wiebe recommends having three feet of space on all sides. Also, make sure you can walk around your dishwasher when the door is open. Wiebe recommends checking with the National Kitchen and Bath Association for detailed measurements guidelines for all imaginable situations.
  2. Going Overboard with Open Shelving: Wiebe says that while it’s a popular trend (and can look amazing), you should give serious thought to which shelves are open. Open shelves for items you use all the time – cups, bowls, plates, etc. – makes sense, but if you use open shelves for things you don’t use much, they’ll just collect dust. Also, avoid making your lower cabinets open. They are harder to clean and collect dust.
  3. Getting Overly Luxurious: Wiebe writes that a major kitchen remodel will recoup less than 70% of its value upon sale. Unless you’re planning on staying put a long time, “don’t waste your time and money on a splurge,” she says.
  4. Forgetting About the Garbage: Wiebe says that many people forget about where to keep their trash when remodeling. Make room for a compactor or can, she says, in your new kitchen.
  5. Neglecting to Properly Vent: Wiebe notes that improperly vented areas can cause mold or mildew issues, so it’s important to make sure ventilation systems are properly installed and lead outdoors.

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