What Are The Best Drones for Aerial Photography

The top drones for aerial photography

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Drones can do it all. Need to survey a field? Check. Need to send disaster relief supplies? Check? Need to gather military intelligence? You got it. Want to shoot a Hollywood blockbuster? Absolutely. Want to deliver a baby? Ok, maybe drones can’t do everything, but the number of uses for these unmanned aerial vehicles seems to increase daily.

One of the more popular uses of drones is aerial photography. While most amateurs can get by purchasing a lower priced drone, most professional photographers are likely to spend upwards of several thousands of dollars to buy a commercial drone to meet their needs. So what are the best commercial drones on the market?

Below, we’ve shared a list from Sarah Brown for KSL.com. Happy shooting!

Yuneec Typhoon Q500+

According to Brown, this drone allows you to follow along on its flight with your smartphone. It offers full HD video, audio recording, a three-axis gimbal stabilizer, and high-quality 16 megapixel photos. It also flies in three modes, weighs just 2.5 pounds, and costs just $600.

YKS XIRO Xplorer

Brown says this drones boasts flight times up to 25 minutes and an operating range of 500 meters. You can also watch live video feedback and check flight statuses using an app. The Xplorer also has a 1080p camera and can take photos up to 14 megapixels. With the Xplorer you can also define a specific route and lock onto an object for a 360 degree view. Like the Typhoon Q500+, it uses three-axis gimbal stabilization and costs right around $600.

For the rest of Brown’s list, click here to read her article in its entirety.

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