How to Have a Fun and Relaxing Fall Camping Trip

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Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are of fall camping trips with my cousins. At least twice a year, we’d load up the van and head to the campgrounds at Clifty Falls or Versailles. Once there, we’d set up camp, build a fire and spend the weekend riding bikes, roasting marshmallows, and playing cards. These days, most kids would prefer to huddle around an iPad rather than a campfire. Let’s change that.

To help you plan the perfect camping trip (and pry those kids from video game controllers), we’ve shared some tips, courtesy of Have fun!

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Fall Camping Activities

Fall fishing: My Toba says the best time of the year to fish in the fall is late afternoon and early evening when fish come to the surface to feed on insects that enjoy sunshine. Mornings tend to be too cool this time of the year.

Hunting: Fall is the time of the year for hunting deer, elk, and fowl. If you’re not a hunter, make sure it’s permitted in the forest your frequenting. Also, My Toba recommends staying on trails in campgrounds because hunters usually hike across the terrain.

Berry foraging: Berries can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada on low bushes native to the snow country of the U.S./Canadian borderlands. Pick berries on public land or “U-Pick” berry locations near your campground.

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Staying Warm and Dry

Wear wool base layers: Wool wicks away moisture from the skin keeping campers dry and warm.

Keep your core warm: Consider “a lightweight vest or extra layer on the top half of your body to maintain a comfortable core temperature.”

Stay dry: Pack rain gear and use rain flies on tents in the fall.

Don’t forget about your head, hands, and feet: Keep your feet dry with waterproof shoes or boots and wool socks. Also, be sure to pack lightweight gloves and a knit hat for chilly weather.

Use down, DownTek, or down-alternative sleeping bags, blankets, and jackets: Down is a “natural insulator that won’t weight you down.” DownTek is a newer blend that dries faster.

For the rest of My Toba’s tips, including how to prepare fall camping meals, click here.

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