3 Things to Know Before Making a Company Video

What to know before making a company video

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Perhaps your company’s print media ads have grown stale and your boss is looking to make a big splash or perhaps you’re a new company who is looking to share its story with the world. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that a video is the best strategy. Before you get right to it, however, there are some things you should know or consider beforehand.

Below, we’ve shared a list of lessons learned this year by Joe Boyd, president and CEO of Rebel Pilgrim Productions, which has produced more than 400 videos for clients in 2015.

  1. Your desire for a video is always a secondary desire: If you’ve decided to make a video, something (e.g. a root problem) prompted it. Boyd says it’s important for clients to know why they decided to make a video. Identify your audience and what you want them to do. It’s not just a video, says Boyd. It’s a tool for change.
  2. You may need 100 (or more) videos: Boyd says that if your goals is to use videos as content marketing and brand building, a few videos per year won’t cut it. A long-term strategy to get a “massive amount of content on the web” is needed. Boyd says that this strategy will pay off exponentially in time, but will take longer to execute. With that being said, there are cost effective ways to get it done, he says.
  3. We can’t compete with your 23 year-old nephew who makes videos: And Boyd says that he can’t compete with his company. He may be talented and may give you a video that works for you, but Boyd says you should use a professional media company when you can’t afford to get it wrong. Bad videos can hurt a brand big time.

For the rest of Boyd’s tips, click here.

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