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Who doesn’t like it when someone offers to pick up the lunch tab? If you’re looking for a company to hire for HVAC system planning, Temp-Air would like to give your project management team a complementary lunch and discuss the advantages to using their services.

The program is called Lunch & Learn with Temp-Air and while taking time out of your day to have lunch with the specialists of Temp-Air, you’ll learn a plethora of information about HVAC systems. Among the topics open for discussion are:

  • Types of Equipment: heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and air filtration.
  • Services Provided: designing a temporary HVAC system.
  • How Temp-Air can provide temporary HVAC solutions for your project in various applications (industrial, construction, institutional or special event)

For each project, Temp-Air calculates numerous factors that can alter to quality of your air control needs including heat loss, potential humidity levels and specific ventilation requirements. Fuel consumption and electrical usage are two major factors to take into consideration when planning for an industrial or commercial application project. The experienced team at Temp-Air will help you crunch the numbers.


Find HVAC Rentals Services From Temp-Air

Temp-Air is a leading provider of temporary heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and air filtration services. Temp-Air provides rental services for chillers, air handlers, portable air conditioners, direct fired heaters and more.

No matter if you’re doing masonry work, thawing a ground for foundation pouring, painting a building interior or aiding in disaster relief you’ll find the HVAC rental equipment necessary to supply air to your project.


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