Drones & Professional Sporting Events Do Not Mix

Drones Not Allowed at Professional Sporting EventsIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Superman! If you’re old enough, you remember those phrases echoed on your TV from the popular series some years ago. But, these days, it’s not a bird, plane, or Superman people are seeing abuzz in skies everywhere – it’s a drone.

What is a drone, you ask? Think of it as a mini unmanned helicopter that is capable of holding a camera attached to it, giving you a bird’s eye view of the world below. They are a symbol of the constant progression of technology within modern day society and are even endorsed by Amazon as a way to have their packages delivered to your doorstep in the not-so-distant –future.

But introduce them to a sporting event? No chance. That is unless you want to have your drone smashed into a zillion pieces by the Federal Aviation Administration, police, or security operations. At the Major League Baseball All-Star Game last year in Minneapolis, a drone was shot down near the stadium. At several sporting events across America, drones can be seen buzzing nearby or even inside the stadium but today’s post-September 11 world makes them a security threat and to be taken very seriously, even if the pilot of a drone means no harm.

Preceding the 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati, the FAA banned drones flying over Great American Ball Park, Paul Brown Stadium, over the Ohio River and near any game-related events that took place around the city. MLB security and local law enforcement officials said they were prepared to take swift action against anyone whom was willing to hedge their bets on not being caught.

All indications are there were no incidents pertaining to drones over Cincinnati’s All-Star week but one can be sure that our nation’s sporting events will be monitored closely for anything buzzing about near a stadium or a large crowd of people within a concentrated area.

So while they are a cool gadget to gain new perspectives on the world, if you’re headed to a sporting event – it would be wise to leave your drone at home.

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