Drones Play Major Role in Nepal Disaster Relief Efforts

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It seems like talk of drones (or drones themselves) is everywhere these days. Whether they are being flown as a hobby or to survey land or to film a scene in a summer blockbuster film, drones are now used across many different industries to do many different things. One of the most important uses, however, is disaster relief. Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April, drones were brought in to aid workers during the relief efforts.

According to an article at Fox News, drones can be used to map crisis-affected areas from the sky. This is important for “identifying flooded areas, obstructed roads, population movements, and damaged infrastructure,” according to a spokesperson from GlobalMedic, which manages a team of drones for international disaster relief missions.

Drones, which can record and transmit information in real time, have helped “assign priority areas for humanitarian aid” and identify accessibility issues in Nepal. The information has also been shared with the U.N. and Nepalese government and all coordinating agencies with boots on the ground in the country. This helps everyone involved “coordinate effectively, eliminate gaps and overlays in programming, and save more lives.”

Drones were also used during the relief efforts in the Philippines following Typhoon Hagupit in 2014.

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