Drug Smuggling Drone Crashes South of U.S. Border

Phantom DroneJust when you thought a problem couldn’t get any worse, the tech industry exacerbates the issue by enhancing and magnifying the anxiety that existed before the technology. In recent news, DEA and border control agents have a new enemy to combat–drug smuggling drones. As if stopping the human drug trafficking flood wasn’t difficult enough, a new threat has hit the skies. A drone carrying meth recently crashed just south of the U.S. border city, San Ysidro, California.

Since the U.S. government cracked down on doctors and drug companies, making it more difficult for people to get prescription painkillers, addicts have turned to the streets for heroin in the last several years. Since the U.S. led invasion into Afghanistan over a decade ago, heroin usage has skyrocketed.

For drug cartels, heroin is the ideal trafficking drug: it’s not as bulky as marijuana, and sells for twice the price of cocaine. With unprecedented heroin usage amongst teenagers becoming a living reality, it spells out a potentially dark future for America.

The writing is on the wall for the U.S.. The once mighty nation that led the world in industry following World War II and propelled us to the forefront of innovation with hard-nosed work ethic and fear of God has slipped and begun it’s steady decline into moral and ethical depravity. Like the Romans before us, we’ve become drunk off of self-indulgence and turned away from God.

There’s many facets of the Roman Empire alive and well today. Drug and alcohol use is just a symptom of a larger concern. Military resources have exhausted tax payers for decades, with military bases operable all over the globe. State governments have opted to promote state-sponsored greed through legalized gambling instead of virtue and order in society–even though anticipated gambling revenue fell short in 2014.

Americans also now have more leisure time than ever before–plenty of time to avoid hard work and get into trouble because as the old adage goes: idle hands weave tangled webs. An ACA sponsored part-time work week will possibly contribute at least ten extra hours out of the forty that used to be reserved for work. This, of course, leaves more time for Americans to squander away their lives in the pseudo-reality of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram–the murky, soul-less pool of narcissism and vapid self-worship.

Never mind the statistics on America’s pornography addiction–leaving little room for real love with 80% of porn in the world produced right here in the U.S.. Hard to kick start a traditional relationship with good old human interaction when Americans spend over two hours per day on a mobile device intermediary. People spend more time with plastic than they do with flesh…which brings me to what this has to do with a drone carrying drugs across the border.

We live in a world of plastic. We drive in plastic cars, pay on plastic cards, talk to each other through plastic devices, stare into plastic screens and sometimes even inject plastic into our bodies to look “sexier”. Now we have plastic delivering drugs to a nation that’s currently being ravaged by a cultural maelstrom. It’s a world far removed from the humble existence of our ancestors who gave it all they had to make it possible with far less. Certainly unlike African villagers where the main worry isn’t an iPhone 6 screen crack but rather or not fresh water will be found today.

It’s ironic to me that a robot is now being used to deliver sense-numbing drugs to a nation of people slowly resembling just that: robots.

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