Top 6 Money Saving Tips When Remodeling Your Home

Home ImprovementUnless you’re good with your hands, home remodels can cost a fortune. Between the cost of material and labor expenses, a simple upgrade to a bathroom or kitchen can cost well into the thousands. To help you save money on your home remodel without forgoing quality, we’ve summarized a list of tips from the professionals at below. Good luck!

  1. Set a Budget and Make a List: Determine what you can afford to spend before meeting with contractors. Be upfront with them about your budget and give them a list of “two or three must-have improvements.” Good contractors will work with you to fit the project to your budget.
  2. Get Multiple Bids from Vetted Contractors: Find good local service providers by e-mailing folks in your neighborhood. Follow up with those folks who have sent promising leads and ask them three questions: Was the final cost close to the estimate? Did the contractor the worksite clean? How pleasant was the crew? Then, research the names of those contractors on Angie’s List. Once you have three promising names, call and request an estimate, specifying your budget and the details of the project.
  3. Look Beyond the Bottom Line: Let the contractor know you are on a strict budget and ask for advice on how to cut costs. Have each contractor price out the same specs to make it easier to compare estimates. Don’t be surprised by a large variance between bids, but do ask where and why the numbers don’t compare.
  4. Go Off-Season: Once a contractor has been selected, ask them when their off-season falls. recommends scheduling the remodel for the time between New Year’s and early April to improve your chances of saving a little money.
  5. Ask for a Discount: It doesn’t hurt to ask for a lower price. A contractor who needs the work might be open to a discount.
  6. Consider a Little DIY: Anytime you can do a part of the job yourself, you’ll cut costs. Doing a little demo work or painting on your own can mean some significant savings on your remodel.

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