Short on Storage Space? Rid Your Basement of Clutter

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There are those who have beautiful finished basements with pool tables, entertainment centers, and a mini-bar. Then, there’s the rest of us. Like most of the basements out there, ours is filled with all sorts of stuff (and by stuff I mean crap). The fact of the matter is clutter doesn’t happen overnight. It’s weeks, months, and years of accumulating things you use once or twice a year or never at all. The basement becomes a catch-all for tools, old furniture, unused exercise equipment, and unwanted gifts.

So how the heck can you eliminate the clutter and clear some space to save things you actually need or want to hold onto? Glad you asked. Below, we’ve shared a few tips from Angie’s List to help rid your basement of clutter forever. The garage, however, will have to wait for another day.

Luggage: Sell or giveaway old luggage and store luggage items you use inside of one another. If you use a carry-on bag often, leave that piece out.

Holiday Decorations: Store holiday and seasonal decorations in a waterproof container. Free yourself of “the decorations you don’t have time for or don’t like anyway.”

Bulk Food and Paper Products: If you’re short on pantry space, storing extra food or paper products in the basement makes sense. If you live close to a store, however, you probably don’t need to buy in bulk.

Memorabilia and Photos: Memorabilia and photos should “be a sampling of happy memories that make you smile” not an “overwhelming heap” of things you’d rather not deal with. When choosing what to hold onto, remember that you want to “pass down bits and pieces of your life or someone else’s.” The moments are what are most important so save and display the best.

“Just in case” Items: Whether it’s something you borrowed (and never returned), were given, or purchased inexpensively but never use, just think of the space you’ll create by letting these “just in case” items go.

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