Quick Tips to Throw a Classy Casino Theme Party

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If you want to experience the thrill of Las Vegas, hopping on a plane and heading to Nevada is an option. The next best choice is to throw a casino theme party. Whether you are looking to entertain friends and family or fundraising for a specific cause or organization, a casino-themed party can provide guests with hours of fun and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Before you get the party started, you might want to learn a few basic tips to save yourself time, money, and headaches.

Below, we share a few pointers to get the ball rolling. Good luck!

Invitations: Make a good first impression by carrying out the theme in your invitations. Consider using invites that look like oversized playing cards or postcards from Las Vegas (“Wish You Were Here”, etc.)

Attire: Ask gusts to dress up and wear cocktail dresses or other formal wear that was worn in the early years of Vegas. Dressing the part helps guests get into the theme and will “provide them some excitement and anticipation before even arriving at the party.”

Decorations: Vegas decorations can be elegant or completely over the top so have fun with it! Sheer fabric can be draped over light fixtures to create mood lighting and items such as fuzzy dice can be hung up throughout the room. It also helps if your dealers dress the part!

Food: Finger foods and small appetizers work best for this type of party. Guests will be up and moving around so serving a sit down dinner isn’t ideal.

Drinks: Serve up classy cocktails such as martinis and daiquiris. Serve drinks in appropriate glasses that match the drink content. Make sure non alcoholic beverages are available. On a budget? Find inexpensive plastic versions of the glassware.

Casino Games: Make sure to have a variety of games – craps, blackjack, etc. – and provide guests with poker chips to use as money. Consider giving out prizes at the end of the night to the top chip holders.

Background Music: Anything by Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin.

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These are great ideas for having a successful casino themed party. You mentioned in this article tips for the costumes, music, invitations, etc. It's always so fun to get dressed up and be in a place that has a special feeling because of the music, lighting, and decorations.