Mobility Scooter Rentals in Orlando Florida

The second blog update in a series of articles about Orlando travel and vacation planning is from ScootAround Mobility Solutions. It is an insightful article about Orlando Mobility Scooter Rentals for disabled individuals traveling or vacationing to Central Florida that need mobility aids.

Mobility Scooter Rental Orlando FL

Renting a Scooter in Orlando

Looking at Orlando now it’s almost impossible to believe that the city was once known only for its theme parks. Today, Orlando is one of the world’s fastest growing cities and is home to world class shopping, exquisite dining, and a sophisticated arts and culture scene.


Orlando, a top vacation destination, has something for everybody but make no mistake, Disney World is still the biggest draw in the area. For anybody with mobility issues, getting around this 47 square mile mega-park can be a real challenge. Thankfully, companies like Scootaround Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals are on the scene to help travelers meet this challenge.


Robert S. recently took a trip to Disney World, and rented a scooter for his trip. One of the benefits of renting a scooter from Scootaround, Robert said, was the ability to take them anywhere you wanted to go.


“Though Disney offered scooters in all the parks, you could not park hop with them,” Robert said.

Robert spent eight days in the Orlando area, visiting Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, three of the premiere theme parks in the US.


“My wife and I could not have enjoyed our visit like we did without our Scootaround scooter,” he said.


Logo for Scoot Around Mobility SolutionsRenting a wheelchair or scooter from Scootaround is fast and easy. They offer a toll-free number (1-888-441-7575) with 7-day support and also an option for renting online directly from their website.

Based out of Orlando, Scootaround is very familiar with what those visiting the city need. Not only is Scootaround the largest provider to Disney World, they offer the best price for scooter rentals anywhere in the city.

Even those who have their own equipment may want to consider renting equipment from Scootaround to avoid the hassle of traveling with equipment. The company can deliver directly to your hotel. This means travelers are often greeted with their scooter charged and ready to go as they check in.


Another benefit of renting from Scootaround is their flexible rental options. For example, they provide single and multi-day rentals – a feature not every provider offers. Scootaround also provides different options when it comes to types of scooters available for rent. Customers can choose three or four wheel scooters, deluxe heavy-duty models, or smaller, transportable models that can quickly fold up to fit in the trunk of a car.


For example, travelers looking for stability and comfort might consider renting a Pride Victory 10, one of the most popular scooters of its type. However, those looking for something more transportable and light weight would probably like a Go-Go Elite Traveller.

As a member of SATH, the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality, Scootaround is well aware of the needs of the traveler with mobility issues. In a city like Orlando, where the amount of things to do increases almost every day, the need is evident. So whether visiting a world-class shopping center, taking in the vibrant arts scene, or lining up for the Magic Kingdom, a scooter rental from Scootaround will ensure travelers needing mobility assistance get the most from their vacation.

Article by Mike Ambrose

I LoveMickey
I LoveMickey

We went to Magic Kingdom today, and noticed a couple of these yellow scooters driving around the place.  (It is hard to miss them.  They really stand out in the crowd).  We used our Iphone and scanned the code on the scooter, and was taken to


Once there, I had an instant chat with a guy or a girl callled Wolley.  They hooked me up with a brand new scooter.  It was delivered to the Grand Floridian by 2pm for me, and we are using it right now.


I love the scooter.   They only charged me $170 for 2 weeks worth of scooter rental Orlando. 


Very Happy.


I think you should take a look at  I just rented from them, and the Scooter Rental Orlando was only $10 per day.  I looked at all of the online companies, Apple, Sun and MoreThan, but these guys smashed their prices and gave us a brand new scooter to use.  It had suspension and lights.  It also went for 28 miles on a charge.  WOW


I enjoyed reading that write up from Scoot around.  I viited their website, and then looked at a few more sites in Orlando for Scooter Rental, as I am vacationing in the Disney area all this week.


I need to rent a scooter as I have problems walking around, and Disney was going to be such hard work.

However, I looked at all of the companies offering this service, and I found a company called prices were much lower than scoot arounds and all of the rest of the companies I researched.  They guarantee that their scooters are less than 6 months old, and they have scooters that will go 28 miles on a charge.  ( I could not find that range anywhere else.)


I had a live chat with Wolley on the home page of, and I ended up booking with him (or her).


Great customer service, and the best prices.  I would advise everyone to look around ALL of the competition before booking this service.  I am glad I did.


Cheryl Green