Home Medical Equipment Rentals in San Diego

Find home medical equipment rental in San Diego CA

If you are a health care professional, a patient, or work for a long term care facility and are looking for home medical equipment rentals in the San Diego Metropolitan area, Rent It Today can help you find providers

The durable medical equipment inventory includes hospital beds, knee walkers, wheelchair ramps, and mobility equipment for rent.

Home Hospital Beds and AccessoriesWhere to rent a wheelchair in San Diego CA
Rent It Today can help you find semi-electric and full-electric home hospital bed rentals from industry leader Drive Medical, as well as bariatric beds.

Walkers come in a variety of models. Each model is designed for a specific therapeutic purpose. Rent It Today can help you find knee/leg walkers intended for patients who wish to maintain body strength while healing. Additionally, they offer rollator walkers capable of supporting patients up to 500 pounds. You will also find sturdy and reliable junior, adult, and bariatric front wheel walkers.

Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs
If you or a loved one are in temporary need of a manual wheelchair or transport chair, Rent It Today can help you or a oved on find numerous makes and models available to fit most every situation.  You will find standard, traveler, and transport wheelchairs, as well as electric scooters for rent.