Would You Rent a Home to a Convicted Rapist?

Pillowcase Rapist

Photo Courtesy: hlntv.com

We’ve all made mistakes. Some of those mistakes are unintentional, some have motive. But if you intentionally “slip-up” 38 times and say, oh, rape a bunch of women, you shouldn’t be too surprised that your request to rent a home after getting out of prison is denied. Per an article on www.nbclosangeles.com,

“Christopher Hubbard, the so-called “Pillowcase Rapist,” who’s admitted to raping at least 38 women in California between 1971 and 1982, was set to rent a home in Lake Los Angeles after his expected release from custody in December, officials said.”

The home owner, who was obviously just really desperate to rent out the house, was hit with a number of complaints, letters, and a petition full of signatures stating Pillowcase’s “arrival in their neighborhood would be bad.”

Just “bad?” I think I might have to add “intolerable, inexcusable, and gonna happen over my dead body” to that little memo.

Mark Rivera
Mark Rivera

At first I thought it meant she was against *her* rapist from moving in. I thought to myself, "Well obviously".


I'm right there with Nichole!