‘Rent-a-Wife’ to Do Chores Around the House


Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard being a single parent. Divorced parents often times find their lives in a constant state of chaos. Whether it’s piles of soiled clothes, a sink full of dirty dishes, or playing taxi driver getting the children to and from practices, it’s the way of life for most in the 21st century.

L.A.-based maid company, Rent-a-Wife is ready to roll their sleeves up and get to work through four different price packages. There’s The Starter Wife ($40/hr), The Good Wife ($38/hr), The Trophy Wife ($30/hr), and “a la carte” ($50/hr) options available. Clients will receive the services of the ideal wife and mother lifted straight from classic shows like “Happy Days” and “Leave It To Beaver.”

We saw a need from our busy mom friends: they were overworked, overwhelmed and needed help – so we created The Rent A Wife.

Now our friends have time to do what they love – instead of doing their ”to-do’s”. The Rent a Wife is not just for busy mothers, we also cater to single dads, overwhelmed executives, and anyone who needs more time and eight more hands. – TheRentaWife.com

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