NBC’s TODAY Show Weighs In On ‘Buy or Rent’ Debate.


NBC Today Show

Guidelines on Renting vs. Purchase of Homes, Cars, etc.

NBC Television network’s TODAY Show financial editor Jean Chatzky recently spoke with Rent It Today CEO Jason Glass while doing some research for a TODAY Show segment titled Buy or Rent? The segment aired Wednesday, August 28th, 2013.

rent or purchase

Glass and Chatzky talked about a wide range of items which can be rented, and Glass’ insights on rental versus purchase of expensive sporting goods and furniture were shared by Chatzky on her Common Cents segment of Wednesday’s show. Glass also shared with Chatzky the benefits of renting items like skis and golf clubs at a travel destination versus hauling them to and from the airport and incurring additional charges to transport them by plane.

Review the segment here.


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This age old debate will never get resolved. Honestly, people are just going to prefer one way to the other. It's not as if the moving and removals process is going to be any different. Just the way you pay for your accommodation. I say let people do what they want to do as long as they can afford it.