The Link Between TV Rentals and Weapons in Prison

If you watch any of the prison reality shows on Spike or truTV, you already know prisons aren’t devoid of weapons and contraband. But I still can’t seem to figure out how the incarcerated individuals that are dumb enough to commit crimes are the same ones that can come up with creations like the picture below – a shotgun made from iron bedposts, curtain tape, match-heads, and a broken light bulb – while behind bars. This particular piece of machinery was used by two inmates in Germany that took a jailer hostage, then escaped.

Homemade Shotgun

Photo Courtesy: Marc Steinmetz photography

According to a story I found this morning, some prisons are testing out a novel way to decrease the amount of weaponry in their facilities. Wanna guess how? If you guessed by forcing inmates to rent see-through televisions, you’d be right. You’d also be oddly in tune with the happenings of New Zealand.

Per TVNZ, “Prisoners are to have personal televisions removed from their cells and will be charged two dollars a week to use see-through sets which will make it harder for them to hide contraband.”

My personal take? Remove the personal televisions from their cells and….and……that’s it.

Kyle Sebree
Kyle Sebree 1 Like

When you have nothing but time on your hands, the mind runs wild. I've seen and heard of things inmates concoct that would make MacGyver look like a Boy Scout.

Tiana Berwanger
Tiana Berwanger moderator

@Kyle Sebree You say you've "seen" some of these concoctions....should I be scared? Did we run a background on you?