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Mini Excavators – Oh The Things They Can Do!

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Mini Excavator Rentals in Pennsylvania

Mini Excavators defy traditional thinking. It’s easy to equate weight and size with power when it comes to construction equipment, but it didn’t take long to find out that maintaining and moving big, bulky equipment is a huge hassle. Thus, miniaturization became a priority, and the mini excavator gained popularity. Also called the compact excavator, these versatile construction machines excel in tighter quarters like urban areas. Here are a few earth moving, excavation, and construction applications of mini excavator rentals:


  • Dig a sidewalk or curb without interrupting traffic.
  • Unearth sewage pipes or electric infrastructure in residential area back yards.
  • Affix a hydraulic hammer for pipe digging or demolition.
  • Dig holes for landscaping.
  • Work inside existing structures to set plumbing or break concrete without disturbing the building.
  • Safely renovate historic buildings.

The mini excavator excels at these sorts of construction jobs due to its compact size. It can operate in areas that normal excavators can’t, and can be moved on and off the job quickly. Additionally, mini excavators use rubber treads that don’t tear up surfaces like normal excavators, and they also have 360-degree arc of motion, which gives them the versatility to work with other equipment.

Of course, there are trade-offs to consider when using a mini excavator. There’s no getting away from the fact that mini excavators simply have less power. This can cause them to be overworked and break down when applied to jobs for which they’re not suited. In many cases though, the mini excavator is an extremely versatile piece of equipment..

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It's actually pretty cool that mini excavators can do so many things without causing problems that you might run into with a regular sized one.  If I remember right, I believe my cousin is actually looking for a good place to rent a mini excavator right now.  He's got a lot of digging that he's planning to do on his property right now, and having something like that would make the job a ton easier.

Kelle Flett
Kelle Flett

Nice construction equipment article! Excavators are one of the most commonly rented types of heavy equipment.