California Business Rents Classic Arcade Games

Arcade Game Rental

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If you’re a kid of the 80s or 90s, you most likely have a memory of being in a video arcade at some point or another. The fluorescent carpet, buzzing of 8-bit music, aluminum ash trays full of cigarette butts and the biggest hits of the day playing over the room speakers come to mind. In recent years, arcades have lost favor with the videogamer crowds, finding once full arcades closing their doors after decades of business.Find Arcade Game Rental Provider

California based rental company, All You Can Arcade, can transport you back to a time before Xbox Live. For a fee of $75 a month, you can relive the memories of playing your favorite arcade classics in the privacy of your own home. There are 30 games currently available for rent on their website. You can rent timeless classics such as Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, and Tron monthly with free delivery to and pick up from your house.

You may not get the arcade atmosphere as illustrated in the nostalgic description above, but hey, at least this way you won’t have that creepy guy in the Megadeth tour shirt and Marlboro stench leering over your shoulder waiting for his turn at Street Fighter II.


Hi... I absolutely LOVE the carpet in that photo.  Does anyone know where to get it?  A friend is looking to redo the carpet in his home arcade.

James Colon
James Colon

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Jessica Bubenzer
Jessica Bubenzer

Looking for the Rootbeer Tapper machine... Keep an eye out!!

Roger Akers
Roger Akers moderator

I checked their website and didn't see Galaga anywhere. I find this troubling.

Tiana Berwanger
Tiana Berwanger moderator

Pac-Man was waaaaay cooler than Ms. Pac-Man, no contest!