Google to Offer Textbook Rentals in August

Digital Textbook

Google is set to offer online textbook rentals for college students this August, just in time for the fall semester. The move to offer textbooks to cash-strapped students through the Play store will pit Google against Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple, all of whom already offer rental services.

College StudentThe search engine conglomerate has struggled with gaining a foothold in a market dominated by competition. Google plans to work closely with a handful of the biggest textbook publisher’s: Wiley, Cengage, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and Macmillan. The service aims to offer textbook purchases and rentals to students for up to six months. Prices are reported to be “up to 80% off” retail prices.

This comes as good news to college students whom routinely spend hundreds of dollars a term on textbooks.

Tiana David Berwanger
Tiana David Berwanger

This would have been awesome when I was in college. More money for beer....I mean, bananas.

Kyle Sebree
Kyle Sebree

@Tiana David Berwanger Ha, beer? More money for GAS if anything!

Tiana Berwanger
Tiana Berwanger moderator

@Kyle Sebree You know me too well. Beer is definitely not my thing! Yes, gas to travel home and take an impromptu road trip was more like it.