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 Portable Construction Heater Rentals in Cincinnati OH

Portable heaters and ground heaters are construction equipment rentals used for a variety of job-site drying and heating purposes. Additionally, portable heater rentals and ground heaters are needed for frost prevention, thawing, heating construction sites, and other industrial heat applications. There are kerosene, gas, natural gas, electric, and propane portable heater rentals available in different sizes from most construction equipment rental companies. When working with construction equipment rentals in cold environments, like Cincinnati, Dayton, or Columbus Ohio in January, they are a must.

Did you know that working in extreme cold puts you at a risk of serious injury?

Portable Ground Heater RentalWorking in Cincinnati, you should be aware of the dangers winter weather brings, even though it might not be as bitterly cold as Canada. Extremely cold conditions can lead to a dangerous over-cooling of the body known as hypothermia. Without immediate medical attention, hypothermia can prove fatal. What’s worse, victims won’t notice the symptoms. Generally co-workers must stay alert to notice them and take immediate action.

Nausea, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, or even euphoria can be danger signs associated with hypothermia. Severe shivering and pain in body extremities such as hands, feet, and ears are also warnings. Should you notice someone suffering the effects of hypothermia, move the victim to a heated environment and seek medical help.

Even where such extremes aren’t present, working in the chilly outdoors is far from comfortable. Here are some tips for those forced to spend time out in the cold (for instance, construction workers on unheated sites).

How To Prepare For Working In The Cold

Prepare for working in the winter months

First, eat good meals with plenty of carbohydrates. Alcohol should be avoided.

Second, wear multiple layers of clothing and ensure that your body extremities are covered safely. Wearing two pants or coats is normal in such environments.

Third, keep moving instead of remaining still and freezing solid.

Finally, though this is more for your heart than your body, think of the warm days to come.

If you are in need of a portable heater for your construction site then be sure to check out BlueLine Rental’s expert advice blog article about choosing a portable heater rental.

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