Keep It Cool: There are Many Uses for Cold Storage Containers

Cold Storage Containers

No disrespect to the microwave, but the refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance in the house. Without it, we’d be living off of dry cereal, canned tuna, boxed meals, and beverages served at room temperature. What you may not know, however, is that refrigerated storage units are also important to many industries.

Protecting Your Goods From the Elements

Cold storage protects goods from extreme heat and moisture which can damage products. For example, refrigerator units are used by many businesses in the agricultural sector due to the perishable nature of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Temperature-controlled storage containers ensure that these goods can be shipped across the country without spoiling.

In addition, those trading in fish, poultry, dairy, and eggs are also required to keep their product refrigerated to maintain quality and freshness. Finally, some pharmaceutical and chemical companies rely on cold storage units to store insulin and other medications at low temperatures.

An Ice Cold One

Portable Refrigeration StorageAre you a farmer, fisherman, or business owner in need of a refrigerated unit? Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has the container you need to protect your products. Insulated and equipped with an “all electric” cooling system, Portable Refrigeration Storage containers can maintain temperatures from 0-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The units are designed for outdoor use, delivered on a flat or tilt bed trailers, and utilized for ground storage. The units range in size from 10-53 feet and are also equipped with lockable double doors to provide safe and secure storage. The containers are available for rent in the Southeast and Portable Refrigeration Storage offers both short and long term leases.

For more information or to view a list of available containers, visit the company’s website or check out their corporate page on Rent It Today!

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  • Container Tim

    You can also use Cold Storage Containers for short term use for restaurants during very busy seasons or special events.