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In recent years, the celebration of the rustic American is a growing trend in the entertainment industry, perhaps because they’ve become harder to locate. Discovery Channel is laden with shows that perpetuate the belief that Americans are interested in engaging the natural world around them, but are stuck in neutral, anchored by their couches, static noise, and circuitry of the digital age.

Fortunately for us, modern technology doesn’t always distract and complicate our lives. It can also serve us positively and improve the quality of our experiences. Recent news stories illustrate that technology can save the day (and your life!) in the form of an ACR ResQlink personal locator beacon.

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Beacon of Hope

Manufacturer, ACR Electronics, has recently been receiving positive media attention. In Bakersfield, CA, a personal locator beacon led to the arrest of burglars who stole $5,000 of a man’s boating and outdoor gear, which included his ACR Personal Locator Beacon. The activation of the beacon helped authorities track down the burglars.

In New Zealand’s Mt. Richmond Forest Park, a solo tramper had gone too far off the trail and had become lost in the forest and rugged landscape as the cold evening rapidly approached. The 67-year old activated his locator beacon and was found within hours. The man had written books about tramping, but realized his research wasn’t on point with the reality of the terrain.

Rent Your Lifeline

Outdoor Equipment Rentals LogoOutdoor Equipment Rentals (OER) specializes in the rental of outdoor survival gear, including the ACR ResQlink personal locator beacon. In addition, they offer several life-line product rentals including portable solar power units, Nautilus Lifeline radios and GoPro Hero cameras to help capture the sights and sounds of your nature expedition.

If that weekend on the couch watching a marathon of “Survivorman” has inspired you to head off into the wild, remember, even Les Stroud has a personal beacon to ensure his survival. Play it smart, and contact Outdoor Equipment Rentals. They might just save your life.

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After just spending a week in the flooded lands of the North Carolina Mountains I might of needed this item since we nearly got washed a way a few times.