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Finding the perfect vacation destination might sound like a lot of work, but it really should be easy.  Take Hilton Head Island, for example.  Sitting just off the South Carolina coast, this pristine island stretches twelve miles wide and five miles long.  While Hilton Head’s footprint might sound small, this magical island packs in a whole lot of activity while keeping the natural environment as a top priority.  And plenty of people seem to agree as Hilton Head has been named one of the top ten family beaches in the country.  There is a tremendous variety of Hilton Head Island Vacation Rentals available, ensuring one can find the perfect holiday accommodation.  So, just what are all these folks raving about?

Life is a beach, and a whole lot more. Beaches are popular vacation spots for obvious reasons, and Hilton Head Island certainly celebrates its beach culture.  Sandy shores give vacationers plenty of opportunities to fill their days.  While some prefer to sun bathe and stroll along the shore, others opt to duck waves, build sand castles, or join in on a beach volleyball game.  But, beyond the beach’s enchantment, Hilton Head provides so much more, starting with its fifty miles of public bike and nature trails.  Bike rentals are easy to come by in Hilton Head and allow visitors to explore marshy forests, friendly beach neighborhoods, and several of Hilton Head’s plantations, or planned communities.  If you are disabled and need a wheelchair to get around, have no fear their are companies that provide Hilton Head Island beach wheelchair rentals. While biking and beaching are two of the most popular activities in Hilton Head, there’s still plenty of other ways to fill the day on the island.  Choose from windsurfing, water-skiing, kayaking, sailing, fishing and crabbing, dolphin watching, or parasailing, to name only a few.  And, of course, keep in mind that Hilton Head is a premier golf destination.  More than twenty golf courses offer vacationers unmatched choice in some of the county’s most beautiful environment.

Nights out begin at Happy Hour. Hilton Head is serious about food, drink, and entertainment.  Sea Pines is home to theHilton Head Island Sunset, South Carolina world famous Salty Dog Café, a waterfront restaurant that has become an institution of sorts in Hilton Head.  Children’s entertainment, happy hour specials, and live music are just a few of the daily items served up at the Salty Dog, but this sort of menu travels all over Hilton Head.  Jump over to Harbor Town, for example, and sit under Hilton Head’s landmark lighthouse on the Quarterdeck’s massive outdoor patio.  Happy hour is the best time to hit up this spot as live music is perfectly paired with frozen drinks and crab leg specials that accompany a harbor sun set.  Still, these are only two of Hilton Head’s 250 restaurants, each of which offers something unique and memorable for the whole family.  If you are planning a family vacation or traveling with babies then contact a Hilton Head Island baby gear rental company for all the baby equipment needed.

Natural environment creates spectacular results. Beyond the shopping, dining, and endless activities that Hilton Head offers, the true beauty of this island is in the natural environment itself.  While Hilton Head is certainly a spot that draws many visitors, the island doesn’t give itself away to tourism, and that’s a very rare trait in a top beach destination.  Hilton Head prides itself on maintaining its natural environment and preserving it for many generations to come.  While this is evident in the areas marked for biking, nature walks, or bird watching, it’s clearly a part of the entire island’s design.  First, because the island is separated into private plantations, visitors have the opportunity to spend their vacation time in quiet, private communities that resists over development.  Additionally, because the focus of the island is on nature, glorious oaks dripping in Spanish Moss will line community streets rather than one tourist shop after another.

Whether you’re planning your vacation with a focus on the beach, the nightlife, the activity, or the natural beauty,  Hilton Head Island is the place to unwind and enjoy everything, or nothing at all.

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