C-Arm Rental a Practical Solution to Medical Training Needs


Medical Imaging Equipment RentalComplete Packages Offered by Medical Imaging Equipment Rental Professionals.

Each and every day mobile C-arm machines are used to save lives. Used by hospitals, surgery clinics, doctor’s offices, and also by veterinarians, the mobile c-arm x-ray is an invaluable diagnostic imaging device.

The demand for licensed x-ray technologists to operate these sophisticated pieces of medical equipment requires training programs and continuing education seminars across the country.

Physicians and radiologists also require seminars to stay abreast of continuing advancements and innovation in c-arm technology.

Equipment Rental Expedites the Education Process

A significant amount of c-arm training and education takes place in durations ranging from a single day to a week. Due to the short term nature of the process, rental of c-arm machines is often employed to expedite the classes.

One of the benefits of c-arm rental for training purposes is not having to be concerned with transport and installation of the sensitive and expensive x-ray equipment. Medical equipment rental professionals are both experienced and adept at getting the rentals to the site as well as picking them up at the conclusion of the session.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind a Complete Package Offers

True rental professionals also offer complete c-arm rental package solutions which provide everything need to conduct the event. These packages typically consist of the c-arm machines, tables and protective garments which allow event planners to focus on the curriculum and leave the hardware details to the medical equipment rental company. Most also offer the optional services of an x-ray technician who is versed in the specific equipment operation if such backup or assistance is desired.


Medical equipment rentalTotal Diagnostic Radiology Services, Inc. is a full service and experienced mobile c-arm rental company serving the State of Florida. based in Sarasota, TDRS specializes in providing daily and short term c-arm rentals.

They also offer complete rental packages consisting of a GE/OEC c-arm, x-ray tech, table and protective garments.  TDRS knows the needs of physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and training facilities requiring both temporary as well as and long term solutions.

TDRS has served the diagnostic imaging needs of medical professionals for over a decade. By providing state-of-the-art c-arms and offering experienced, highly skilled technicians, they ensure quality patient care through efficient utilization of facility equipment and staff.

Visit their web site here.


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sarah black
sarah black

This is a great read! I've been looking to get into the medial industry, and radiology is what I was debating focusing on. I'm moving to NJ though, does anyone know if http://www.htinj.edu/ is good? I've heard great things.


How efficient is this equipment?  I am actually looking for an online training.