Residential Property Management, Is It For You & Your Rentals?

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If you are planning on listing your property for rent, you may be curious whether or not using a property management company is a valuable investment. Below, we’ve outlined some of the advantages you receive when you hire a property management company for your rentals.

Less Landlord Work Means Less Landlord Stress

The roles of a property management company are simple – collect the rent, and keep the tenants and landlord happy. Although the role description is simple, the actual job is a bit more difficult. There’s a lot that goes into managing money and keeping people satisfied.

Do you enjoy receiving middle of the night phone calls waking you and your family to the report of a leaky faucet? I can’t imagine you do. When you hire a property management company, you are also employing their network of 24-hour professional and insured maintenance staff. Therefore, no waking you or the kids at all hours of the night. Certified and qualified staff also means less cost for you, because the job will be fixed the first time. Additionally, with preventative maintenance that typically comes with professionals, you are increasing the value of your property, therefore your investment.

Eviction NoticeManaging cash flow, chasing down late payers, and evicting when necessary can be stressful. That’s why it makes sense to hire an agency that does all that for you! Less time being the bad guy means you have more time for friends and family.

Without question, landlords prefer tenants that pay on time, take care of the property, and rent longer. So how can you be sure these are the type of people renting from you? Easy – they are the ones more likely to successfully pass the tenant screening process typically conducted by a property management agency.

Still not convinced? Think about the work that simply goes into the marketing of an available property. Backed by experience and expertise, a property management company knows how to write and where to advertise for your property, allowing a better chance it will be seen.

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Bear Paw Stanbro Property ManagementIf you are a landlord in the Evergreen, Colorado area looking for a property management service provider, look no further than Bear Paw Stanbro Property Management, Inc. A full service residential property managing company, let Bear Paw take the middle of the night leaky faucet phone calls and make sure you get your payments on time. With over 20 years of satisfied customers, you are sure to receive exceptional management services from the staff at Bear Paw Stanbro. Receive more information by visiting their website.

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On the flipside, if you are a renter looking for a home to rent in or around Evergreen, Colorado, look no further than Bear Paw Stanbro Property Management, Inc. Located directly in Evergreen, these folks know the area, as well as how to take care of their customers. They will set you up with the perfect place to make your home.

With Bear Paw, you can expect to find variety when locating your cabin rental or home for rent. Alongside number of bedrooms and bathrooms, you can choose from features and amenities including proximity to other properties, jetted tubs, fireplaces, style and types of kitchen appliances, allowance of pets, off street parking, finished basement, and much more. You can review detailed descriptions of available properties from Bear Paw by visiting their rental store on Rent It Today.

James Lisbon
James Lisbon

I liked when you mentioned that investing in a property management company can be a good investment depending on the circumstances.  It would seem like having someone who knows how to manage properties manage your property could relieve pressure and stress on the owner.  However, it is probably something that needs to be researched before making a decision so you can make a good decision for your needs.


I think that working in property management would be really stressful. There are so many little details that go into it that it can be overwhelming. You would definitely have to go through a lot of training to be able to work in a field like this. Property management is definitely something that I would not be able to do on my own.


I think that it is wise to rent out property if you own a place but don't live there anymore. Otherwise, it is just sitting there. Granted, you should always do your best to sell the home. But, sometimes, renting is your best option.


I have several investment properties and condos that I run.  It is such a hassle getting my tenants to pay rent and answering their phone calls.  I am thinking about getting a property manager after reading this article.  It would be nice not to have to deal with all that stuff you mentioned.