Uber Considers Getting Into the Drone Game   Recently updated !

No, the headline isn’t just click bait. According to a story by Mike Murphy for Quartz, Uber is “seriously exploring whether it can develop an aircraft that could take off and land without a runway, and fly passengers autonomously to where they want to go.” According to the company’s head of product Jeff Holden, Uber […]

Uber is exploring the idea of personal drones

Fire safety tips while camping

Fire Safety Tips for Your Next Camping Adventure   Recently updated !

Camping season is in full swing and will continue well into the fall. While it might be a little too warm to sit by the campfire this time of year, the seasons will soon change and the temperatures will begin to drop. If you love to make s’mores or roast wieners, it’s important to take […]

Don’t Let a Home Remodel Stress You Out

Regardless of the size of the project, completing a home remodel almost never goes as smoothly as planned. From timeline issues and problems with contractors to budget concerns and material needs, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a home remodeling project. To help you avoid stressing out, we’ve shared a […]

Avoiding stress during a home remodel

Tips for shooting an effective marketing video

How to Produce an Effective Marketing Video

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re on a pretty tight budget when it comes to advertising. Print ads and television and radio spots can be a bit pricey, which means you have to be creative if you hope to get the word out about your product or service effectively. Thankfully, social media […]

Small Home Improvement Projects For Less Than $1K

When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s easy to spend a lot of money. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or looking to add some landscaping outside the home, many upgrades around the home come with a steep price tag. There are, however, several improvements you can make for under $1,000. Below, […]

Home Renovation DIY Tools For Rent

Apple announces plans for fitness tracker for wheelchair users

Apple Watch to Track Activity Levels of Wheelchair Users

Chances are you’ve probably seen them strapped on the wrists of friends, co-workers, or people at the gym or running errands around town. Fitness trackers and other wearable devices are everywhere and their popularity continues to grow. From counting steps to recording heart rate, fitness trackers are a great way to monitor your health and […]

What Not to Do When Remodeling Your Home’s Kitchen

Kitchen remodels can be a bit pricey – and that’s assuming you don’t run into any unexpected surprises (and know what you’re doing). To avoid blowing up your renovation budget, we’ve shared a list of five layout ideas to avoid, courtesy of Jamie Wiebe for HouseLogic.com. Good luck! Creating a Crowded Kitchen: Wiebe says it’s […]

Home kitchen remodel tips

How to get the best deal on a vacation rental

How to Get the Best Rate on a Vacation Home

Summer is over, which means school is back in session and fall break is around the corner. If you’re wanting to get away but don’t want to camp out in the sweltering heat, maybe an oceanfront condo or cabin in the woods is the way to go. To make sure you get the best deal […]

How to Pick the Perfect Tent for Camping

With summer in full swing, you can bet that campgrounds across the country are staying busy. If you’ve ever spent time camping, you know that it’s important to have the right equipment if you want to enjoy your time outdoors. If you’re new to camping or simply looking to upgrade your gear, we’ve shared a […]

How to pick the perfect tent for camping

Drones protect endangered porpoises in Mexico

Drones Used to Protect Endangered Porpoise in Mexico

First, it was videography. Then, it was surveying. Now, drones are being used to do everything from research to shipping and everything in between. Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard it all about the capabilities of these unmanned aerial vehicles, a new story hits the news wire. According to a recent story at News24.com, Mexico’s […]