New Jersey Firefighters Help Raise Funds for Quadriplegic Man

A Simple Act of Kindness It’s easy to be cynical about the world we live in and fall into a mental rut. It seems for every optimistic person there’s a thousand pessimists–count Liz Woodward among the optimist crowd. The New Jersey native recently served breakfast to two firefighters whom she overheard discussing a recent fire […]

Firefighters Raise Money for Quadriplegic

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Top 3 Best Places to Go Camping in the Commonwealth

Here in Kentucky, the summer and fall months are the perfect time to grab your camping gear and head out for a little rest and relaxation under the stars. Across the Commonwealth, there are dozens of great places to pitch a tent, but below we’ve shared a list of some of the best, courtesy of blogger […]

Police Permitted to Use Taser Drones in North Dakota   Recently updated !

Police departments in North Dakota will have a new tool to fight crime across the state, thanks to a new law that went into effect on August 1. Originally aimed at making sure police obtained a search warrant to use drones to seek out criminal evidence, House Bill 1328 was amended to equip drones with […]

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The Best Places to Take the Boat on the East Coast   Recently updated !

There are few activities better to do in the summer than boating. Whether you enjoy spending the day lounging on a pontoon boat or renting a boat for a little weekend fun, it’s fun to spend time relaxing on the water. While there are great places here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to go boating, […]

Tips for Planning a Vacation with a Special Needs Child   Recently updated !

For families with a special needs child, traveling or taking a vacation can be challenging. Fortunately, hotels and other destinations are beginning to catch on that some kids have special needs. Additionally, there are other resources available, such as, that help make planning a vacation and taking a trip with your special needs kid […]

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Music Training Boosts Brain Development in High Schoolers

In July 2013, we discussed the benefits of music training, such as language development and higher IQ scores, for school-aged children. Now, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, music can also help boost the brain development of high school students. By now, most of us know that music programs are […]

Suit Up for Work with Uniform Rentals from Linen Finder   Recently updated !

Why You Should Hire a Uniform Rental Service Uniforms are one of the most important factors of your brand image. Your employees are representative of your company so they should be dressed according to the core values of your business. Unless your business is huge and can afford tailors and laundering services to keep up […]

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Top 6 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Small Outdoor Space   Recently updated !

If you live in an urban area like I do, chances are you don’t have much to work with when it comes to your yard (green space?) or other outdoor entertaining area. To help you make the most out of your small outdoor space, we’ve share a list of tips from the experts at Central […]

Fujitsu Releases New Network Scanner   Recently updated !

Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, has released its latest network scanning solution — the FUJITSU Network Scanner N7100. The new network scanner seamlessly integrates within a company’s existing network infrastructure, allowing users to easily scan and share information on the network in order to streamline business operations, reduce operating costs and enhance […]



Top 7 Tips for Moving Moms-to-Be

If you’ve ever had to pack up all of your belongings and move to a new space or place, you know that the process can be stressful, tiring, and mentally and physically draining. Now, imagine going through that whole ordeal as a pregnant mother. To help all of the pregnant moms out there who are […]