How to Network at a Trade Show in 3 Simple Steps   Recently updated !

Networking is one of the biggest buzzwords in the business world these days (right up there with “startup”) and is a great tool for not only growing your personal brand, but also your business. Many of the companies we work with here at Rent It Today often attend trade shows specific to their industries to […]

Trade show networking tips

2016 home trends to know

5 Fresh DIY Trends to Improve Return on Investment   Recently updated !

It’s at this time every year when most of us start thinking about starting some of those overlooked remodeling projects that fell to the wayside in the spring. If you’re one of these procrastinators, you’ll want to get things done before the fall and holiday season approaches. Before you get down to business, however, you […]

How to Survive Holiday Weekend Travel   Recently updated !

In a couple weeks, millions of Americans will hit the open road (or skies) and head to one of their favorite spots to celebrate July 4th with their friends and family. To help you survive the trip, we’ve shared a few tips from Jamie A. for Nature World News below. Safe travels! Book lodging in […]

Travel tips for the holiday weekend


Rent It Today Expands Reach In Medical Equipment Rental Industry

Since teaming up to provide digital marketing services to companies in the medical equipment industry, ARI and Rent It Today (RIT) have continued to evolve the rental world by networking with a large base of durable medical equipment rental companies nationwide. As of June 2016, Rent It Today is now providing digital marketing services to […]

How to Camp Off the Grid in Your RV

Although most people wouldn’t consider camping in a RV to be “roughing it”, there are definitely some challenges when taking an RV off-the-grid to an area without electric or water hook-ups. To help make sure you’re prepared for your next dry camping experience in an RV, we’ve shared a few tips from an article from […]


Jonathan stepping up to plate for his debut.

Cancer Won’t Keep 5 Year Old Johnathan In The Dugout

Campbell County Knotholer Knocks It Out Of The Park Stepping across the white chalk on a basepath and onto the manicured brown dirt of an infield for the first time sends anticipation and thrills through the system of any young boy who has ever wanted to play the game of baseball. 5-year-old Johnathan Covington is no […]

Top 4 Video Editing Apps to Improve Your Social Media

One of the best (and most cost effective) ways to market and promote your business is through the use of social media. Whether you are sharing a photo of a product on Facebook or announcing a special event or promotion via Twitter, social media is a fast, easy, cheap, and effective way to reach your […]

Boost your social media presence with these video tools

Find Mobility Scooter Rentals in Oahu, Hawaii

Reserve Mobility Equipment For Rent in Honolulu, Hawaii

Now that millions of Americans are set to take summer vacations, there’s one state that continues to thrive as a dream getaway destination–Hawaii. Hawaii is a tropical paradise that brings in over 9 million visitors per year by commercial aircraft alone. Tourist travel numbers are expected to increase another 1.8% by 2019, assuring that the travel […]

Avoid These 3 Careless Mistakes When Traveling On Vacation

Summer vacation is underway. Planning on getting out of town for a couple days (or a couple weeks)? Read on. Below, we’ve shared a list of mistakes you don’t want to make when traveling with your family or friends, courtesy of Melissa Neiman for Safe travels! Forgetting to keep track of your mail Neiman […]


Tips for shooting video on the run

3 Tips for Shooting Quality Video On the Go

Today’s videographers do it all. From handling lighting and sound to editing the final cut, these professionals have their hand in every step of the filming process. It should come as no surprise then, that many videographers are asked to shoot while in motion, either in a vehicle or on foot. If you’re new to […]