Still Renting an Apartment? That’s OK

Although I made the decision to buy a house a little over four years ago, many of my friends who are now in their thirties, continue to rent apartments and condos. While there are some out there who strive to achieve what has long been considered the “American Dream” – a house, a picket fence, […]

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Satellite Phones For Disaster Aid

Satellite Phones Save Lives When Nature Strikes   Recently updated !

Satellite Phones for Disaster Relief If your read the news headlines on a daily basis you’re sure to never forget the fact that a natural disaster can strike anyplace at anytime. In recent years, the U.S. has suffered from a host of natural disasters such as hurricanes in New Orleans and New York, tornado outbreaks […]

How to Improve Your Landscaping in 3 Steps   Recently updated !

Warmer temperatures and sunshine are just around the corner (we can feel it!). To help you get ready for planting season, we’ve shared a few things to consider from the landscaping experts at Central Lawn Care here in Northern Kentucky before picking out your plants (NOTE: This article originally appeared in The River City News): […]

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Bay Area Older Adults

Oakland Bay Area Organization Helps Older Adults Stay Active

There are many people who believe that retirement is a time to rest after a lifetime of making a living. While it’s true there are some seniors who would prefer to relax in their recliner and catch-up on episodes of Matlock and Murder She Wrote after they retire, there is a growing number of older adults […]

How Trade Show Exhibitors Can Get the Biggest ROI

Several times on this very same blog, we’ve talked about the high cost of exhibiting at trade shows and the best ways to save money while getting the most bang for your buck. In a recent article for, writer J.J. Anderson wrote about the importance of investing in digital marketing strategies to extend your […]


Rent Kurt Cobain's Apartment

You Can Rent Kurt Cobain’s Los Angeles Apartment

For the super Nirvana fan, you can rent the apartment that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love lived in from 1991 to 1992 in the Melrose neighborhood of Los Angeles. This was the one-bedroom apartment where Cobain penned the lyrics to one of the bands last hit singles, “Heart Shaped Box” released on 1994’s In Utero […]

How to Write a Better Blog Post in 5 Steps

Whether your business is large or small, blogging is a great (and relatively inexpensive) way to reach a new audience and engage current customers – assuming, of course, anyone actually wants to read it. So how can you produce content that will captivate an audience? Below, we’ve summarized a handful  tips from Jeremy Goldman, contributor at […]

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Home Improvement Ideas

Top 3 Home Renovation Projects for the Spring Season

Let’s face it: No one feels like doing much in the winter. The weather is cold, the days are short, and there’s plenty of football to watch on weekends. Once the spring season rolls around, however, those excuses fly out of the window. Right, honey? Sure, there are a million things to do around the […]

Gonna Get Married: Top Wedding Trends for 2015

So, a date has been set and now it’s time to start planning the big day. Not sure where to start? Below, we’ve summarized a list of wedding trends for 2015 compiled by writer Danielle Rothweiler of the Huffington Post to help get the ball rolling. You certainly don’t have to incorporate all of these […]


Soap Box Derby Race

How to Build a Soapbox Derby Car

This year, your eight year-old son asked for a go-kart for Christmas. Your wife, however, wouldn’t sign off on the gift. So what’s a dad to do? Give your racer the next best thing. If your son is expecting a set a wheels under the tree, take this opportunity to teach your little man how […]