Find the Heavy Equipment You Need with the BlueLine Rental App

The BlueLine Rental Mobile App Being a project manager for a construction project can be a stressful job, especially when it comes to tracking down heavy equipment rentals while balancing job-site tasks. BlueLine Rental has acknowledged your need for on-site service with their mobile apps that can be found through the Apple App Store or […]

BlueLine Rental Mobile App

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You Can Rent Pretty Much Anything These Days

Did you drop your phone in the toilet and need a replacement? Tired of paying full price for college textbooks? Looking to borrow a post hole digger or drone? Good news. There are options to rent all of these things and more. Below, we’ve share a list of some of the more unusual things you […]

New Richmond, Ohio: A Place to Unwind for Awhile

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonard Da Vinci The Zen of Simplicity There are days when you just feel like driving down the highway on a whim, trusting the open road ahead to lead you into the arms of a welcoming entity. Day-tripping is what this kind of day-cation is known as and people […]

New Richmond, Ohio Scenic View

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Tens of Millions in U.S. Live Too Far From Emergency Heart Centers

Every year, more than 1.5 million Americans suffer a heart attack or stroke and 2,200 people in this country die every day from cardiovascular disease. While both are scary statistics, what’s even more troubling is the fact that 1 in 6 Americans live too far away from a lifesaving heart center, according to a recent […]

Think Flying Private Is Only for the Ultra-Rich? Think Again.

If you’ve ever spent an unbearable amount of time stuck in an airport terminal or seated in a plane outside an airport gate, chances are you’ve dreamed about one day flying private. There’s just that one problem: It’s ridiculously expensive. Well, now it’s just expensive. According to a recent article in Fortune Magazine, the launch […]

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Florida Beaches Dominate 2015 Travelers’ Choice Awards

In March, travel site TripAdvisor released is 2015 Travelers’ Choice Top Beaches in the U.S. list, and nine Florida beaches were ranked among the 25. Offering a high number of vacation rentals and more affordable rates to go with white sands, sunny skies, and “bright azure waters”, it’s no surprise that Florida appears so often […]

Reasons Your Event Planning Business May Be In Trouble

Although I’ve never worked in the industry, I’d imagine event planners experience a lot of ups and downs throughout the year, much like many other businesses. The key to having sustained success as a business owner is to be able to quickly identify what is causing your business to slide (downs) and adapt quickly to […]

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Watering Your Lawn

Tips for Watering Your Lawn and Outdoor Plants

Depending on where you live, this time of the year can be brutal on your lawn and outdoor plants. The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who owns a landscaping company in Cincinnati and I asked him what is the one question that most of your clients ask you most often […]

The 10 Best U.S. Beaches for 2015

If you’ve spent any time in the Cincinnati area the past couple weeks, you know for sure: It’s hot as you know what out there. When the temperatures creep into the 90s and the humidity becomes unbearable, one can’t help but think about heading to a beach near a large body of water. If you […]

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Low Cost Home Improvement Projects

Top 3 Easy Exterior Home Improvements That Boost Resale Value

Yes, the condition and amenities on the inside of your home are important when it comes to selling your home, but first impressions count so it’s equally important to make sure the exterior is at its best. Before dropping tens of thousands of dollars to boost your home’s curb appeal, it’s important to know which […]