Top 3 Home Renovation Projects for the Spring Season

Let’s face it: No one feels like doing much in the winter. The weather is cold, the days are short, and there’s plenty of football to watch on weekends. Once the spring season rolls around, however, those excuses fly out of the window. Right, honey? Sure, there are a million things to do around the […]

Home Improvement Ideas


Gonna Get Married: Top Wedding Trends for 2015   Recently updated !

So, a date has been set and now it’s time to start planning the big day. Not sure where to start? Below, we’ve summarized a list of wedding trends for 2015 compiled by writer Danielle Rothweiler of the Huffington Post to help get the ball rolling. You certainly don’t have to incorporate all of these […]

How to Build a Soapbox Derby Car

This year, your eight year-old son asked for a go-kart for Christmas. Your wife, however, wouldn’t sign off on the gift. So what’s a dad to do? Give your racer the next best thing. If your son is expecting a set a wheels under the tree, take this opportunity to teach your little man how […]

Soap Box Derby Race

Photo courtesy of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission Facebook Page

Retired Seniors Find Plenty to Do in New Orleans   Recently updated !

Is 2015 the year you’ll finally retire and call it quits for good? Congratulations! You’ve earned it. While most seniors see retirement as a chance to rest after decades of punching a time clock, the fact that you don’t have to deal with the daily grind doesn’t mean you have to be regulated to a […]

Rent an Apple Watch Before Buying

Apple Watch Available For Rent Soon If you’re the type of wirehead that likes to try their gadgets out for a period of time before officially buying them, you’ll be pleased to know that some rental companies will make the Apple Watch available for rent this summer. Apple Watch Lease, created by Zak Kidd, will […]

Apple iWatch Rental

Rental Car Insurance

How to Avoid Costly Rental Car Insurance

Perils of Renting a Car Renting a vehicle can suck sometimes. Those who travel frequently can and will attest to this cold hard fact. You’ve heard the nightmare stories before. Precautionary tales of what to look for when stepping into the sterile, sleek lobby of the numerous rental car facilities stationed around the airport. The […]

Top 5 Home Improvements to Boost Resale Price

With the spring buying season right around the corner, many homeowners looking to sell should consider taking some time over the next several weeks to make their home the best it can be before it hits the market. Rather than spending an arm and a leg to remodel a kitchen or finish a basement, however, it […]

How To Increase Resale Value

Construction Forecast for 2015

Construction Industry Hiring on the Rise

Improved Hiring Numbers For Construction After one of the worst recessions in the history of our country, the immediate future of the construction industry looks promising after recent employment numbers were released by the U.S. Labor Department earlier this month. According to the Labor Department’s report, contractors added 48,000 jobs in December 2014 and 290,000 […]

Rent ‘Fast & Furious’ Exotic Cars in Los Angeles, CA

The Fast & Furious Franchise Continues If you would’ve told the 13-year-old version of me in 2001 that The Fast and the Furious would’ve been a launching pad for a massively successful franchise with a seventh entry in 2015, I would’ve laughed. The fan favorite franchise has remained popular with Millennial audiences for over a […]

Furious 7

Online lead generation for rental providers

Rent It Today Offers Text Message Leads for Clients

Meeting The Customer’s Needs One Text At a Time Adapting to the habits of the customer is part of making renting simple. Accommodating the client’s needs is especially important in a time where there’s a dramatic shift from face-to-face, interpersonal interaction to exchanges completed in an instant over a wireless cell phone network via text […]