This Drone Goes Underwater (Seriously)   Recently updated !

Much has been written about the future of drones and how they have already disrupted dozens of industries thanks to their abilities in the air. Now, those abilities will be on display underwater. According to a recent story in the Los Angeles Times, a new 51-foot-long drone will begin sea trials off the coast of […]

Underwater drone now a reality

Tips for ATV safety

How to Stay Safe on an ATV   Recently updated !

Like motorcycles, dirt bikes, and mopeds, ATVs can be dangerous if riders fail to take the necessary precautions before (and after) setting out. To help make sure you’re ready to ride, we’ve shared a few ATV safety tips below, courtesy of North Bay Now. Happy trails! Look First According to the article, you should make […]

Home Improvement Spending Expected to Rise   Recently updated !

The U.S. housing market hasn’t completely recovered since the crash of 2008, but a new article in the Wall Street Journal discusses how one sector of the construction industry is on the rise. According to the article, expense for repairs and remodeling is expected to surpass $300 billion this year, ahead of the previous high […]

Rent Tools For DIY Projects


Tips for Creating a Marketing Video That Works

When it comes to spreading the word about their product or service, some companies break the bank to advertise on local television stations or in metro newspapers. While both can be effective means of reaching new customers, advancements in technology and the rise of social media have made it possible to expand a customer base […]

Where To Rent Tools & Excavation Equipment in Belleville, IL

Since 1975, Quality Rental & Sales has been providing a wide range of tools, plumbing and excavation equipment for use by contractors on a construction site or home owners alike. Serving the metro-East area with competitive prices and outstanding service, Quality Rental has solidified their position in the tool rental industry in the state of […]

Rent Construction Equipment In Belleville, IL

Find Nurse Scrub Cleaning Services

Why You Should Use a Healthcare Linen Service

It’s a Dirty Job If you’re in the healthcare profession, we’re preaching to the choir but it should be repeated–your clothes are probably dirtier than you think. Wearing dirty clothes on your day off is one thing but mixing your hospital scrubs in with your regular wash can lead to the transfer of germs and […]

Here Are Some Amazing New Uses for Drones

What can’t drones do? Over the past several months we’ve written about the many uses of drones and how they are not only changing the landscape of many different industries, but also the world. Recently, Randy Rieland put together a list of the latest uses for drones for Smithsonian Magazine and it’s pretty incredible. Below, […]

Rent a GoPro Drone Near Me

Tips for upgrading your city backyard

How to Turn Your City Backyard Into an Oasis

Whether you live in Boston, New York, or even Cincinnati, personal greenspace is hard to come by if you live in the city. If you are one of the lucky ones with a little bit of a backyard and are looking for ideas on how to transform that small space into an urban oasis, we […]

Love Exotic Cars? Here Are the ‘Most Collectible’.

I’m not much of a car guy, but I do appreciate the beauty of a classic Mustang or brand new Ferrari. For those who love modern exotic cars, writer Shane McGlaun of Slash Gear has put together his list of the five most collectible modern cars on the planet. They’re so sweet, they can even […]


Where To Rent Tools For Deck Building Project

4 Simple Ways to Give Your Home’s Deck a Boost

If you have a deck, you know it’s going to get plenty of action this time of the year. Whether you’re throwing a Fourth of July party or a backyard barbeque, the deck is the prime spot for gathering, laughing, cooking, entertaining, and, of course, eating. So how can you make sure your deck is […]