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Party day is on your calendar, and you want your event to be the best possible. Rent It Today is a great place to locate all your party and event rentals. The event rental companies you'll find here have the knowledge and experience to help make your party a success. It makes economic sense to rent your party equipment, and it also provides peace of mind.

Party and event rental companies are a terrific source of information and happy to assist you with your party planning. In the days leading up to your event, you’ll rest assured your preparation is complete. And when your party is over, you’ll feel confident that your event was a success, and your guests had a memorable time.

Party Packages, Event Production, and Party Planning Services

Event and Party Rentals

What is your skill level when it comes to throwing a party or planning an event? Don’t worry if you’re a novice. Even experienced party and event planners went through a learning process. Their years of experience in the industry, however, have allowed the staff at many rental companies to know exactly what you need before you even call. Many of them even offer predetermined packages already designed to provide everything you'll need for your event.

For example, let’s say you need to rent a tent for an outdoor gathering. You might consider a package from your rental company that includes the tent, tables, and chairs. Often, you can even add a dance floor, carpeting, lighting, heaters, beverage coolers, and tablecloths to create a comfortable and fun environment for your guests.

Kids' birthday parties are another popular event in which many companies have already developed rental packages to assist you. Some even offer the option to design your own package. They have experience and great ideas for birthday parties, so let them take the hassle out of the planning process.

Casino party packages are very popular for business fundraisers and employee parties, as well as neighborhood gatherings. From companies across the country, you can now rent slot machines, poker tables, showgirls, and so much more! 

Party Tent Rentals, Tent Accessories & Tent Liners

Tent Rentals

If you are planning an outdoor event, you will want to secure a tent rental. Whether the weather is warm or cool, sunny, windy, or rainy, a tent will ensure your guests’ comfort. Tents come in various sizes and formats, and our tent rental companies are ready to set you up with the most appropriate type for your gathering. Renting a tent is also one of the most popular to-dos for an outdoor wedding to make sure your big day is everything you imagined whether rain or shine.

Table And Chairs For Rent, Bleachers, & Event Seating Options

Table and Chair Rentals

Parties and events can be formal or informal. Their nature may be private, public, strictly business, or a mix of business and pleasure. One thing they all have in common, though, is the need for adequate seating. Rent It Today is a great resource to locate rental chairs and table rentals of every type.

Standing room only might be something you’d accept if you visited a big stadium, and all the seats were sold out. However, most party and event planners will tell you it’s not something they want associated with their reputation. Thankfully, there are options available to create additional seating for your guests. In fact, even sold out events in stadiums can add additional seats by utilizing bleacher rentals.  Political rallies are yet another example where larger crowds can be accommodated with rented temporary seating like bleachers.

Concession Rental, Catering Equipment, & Drink Machines

Concession Food Machine Rentals

Think back to your childhood. You most likely have fond memories of going to a circus or festival with your family and getting popcorn, iced drinks, cotton candy, and other delicious treats. Well, no longer do you have to wait for those events to indulge. Instead, you now have the option to rent concession equipment.

Concession rentals add fun and entertainment to any party no matter the theme. Be unique, and add fun and entertainment to your event with these items. From companies listing with Rent It Today, you can find food and drink machines for rent. A portion of concession equipment available for rent from Rent It Today companies include popcorn makers, cotton candy machines, sno cone machines, nacho and pretzel warmers, and hot dog cookers. There’s no need to buy these infrequently used items when you are given the wiser, less expensive option to rent.

Crowd Control Management, Concert Stages & Dance Floor Rentals

Dance Floor Rentals

Keeping your event or gathering safe can require any number of crowd control management options. Barriers, portable fence barricades, temporary fence, turnstiles, and patrol fencing are invaluable for crowd control management, and can be found through companies listing their rental inventory with Rent It Today.

Some events are enhanced with stage and stage accessory rentals. If you need staging, or supporting items including event lighting, ramps, stairs, skirting, carpeting, hand rails, or back drop curtains, we are your one stop shop. If your event is indoors, outdoors, a festival, a national tour, a performance, or a business or corporate show, Rent It Today will help you find the performance stage and equipment solution to make your event a success.

Did you know dance floors can be rented? Dance floor rental is a better option than dancing on grass or concrete.  Just ask anyone who has tried to cha-cha or samba in the yard or on a sidewalk! A rental dance floor is obviously a good choice for an outdoor event. Dance floor rentals also make sense for an indoor gathering that may not otherwise have a safe location for dancing or mingling. It gets your guests moving, and adds fun to the mix. So, add a rental floor to your party, and let the good times roll.