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A patient lift is a medical equipment device that assists individuals with mobility difficulties during transfer. They are available in different formats, and often utilized in hospitals, elderly care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and for home health care.

By renting a patient lift it is beneficial to both patient and the healthcare provider. Not only does it provide opportunities for the individual utilizing it, but it prevents back and other bodily injuries to the medical personnel or loved one assisting the individual. Although it takes longer to move the person with a lift than if they were transferred manually, it fosters the health and well-being of the care provider, which can save both physically and monetarily in the long-run.

Having a patient lift available for rent makes home health care much easier, and is a considerable benefit to healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation facilities working with individuals requiring mobility supports. With certainty, as technology evolves, so does medical equipment. In order to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest equipment, it is more feasible to rent patient lifts instead of making the costly investment to purchase them only to soon find out a more modern, possibly even safer model is available. Patient lift rentals are also advantageous when patient services must be provided but current equipment is out of commission due to routine maintenance or repair.

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