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BiPAP Description

Model #: Quantum

BiPAP and CPAP for rent in Charlotte, NC. Integrated Services offers Healthdyne / Respironics Quantum BiPAP machines which provide CPAP, BiPAP spontaneous, or BiPAP spontaneous/timed therapy. This medical device assists in keeping the airway open while providing breathing assistance.

BiPAP Specifications:

Healthdyne / Respironics Quantum BiPAP Features:

  • Power on light
  • Yellow patient alert indicator
  • Red system alarm indicator
  • Controls set at: EPAP, IPAP, Risetime, Rate, and % I time

Quantum BiPap Specifications:

  • CPAP/EPAP pressure range: 2 - 25 cm H2OHealthdyne / Respironics Quantum BiPAP
  • IPAP range: 2 -30 cm H20
  • Pressure control resolution: 1 cm H2o
  • Pressure accuracy: +/- 0.7 measured at 150 LPM
  • Rate control range: 4-40 BPM
  • Breath rate accuracy: 1 BPM
  • Flow trigger, inspiration: 0.25 liters per second
  • Flow trigger, expiration: peak flow x .75
  • Minimum expiration time: 500 msec
  • Minimum inspiration time: 200 msec
  • Maximum inspiration time: 3 seconds
  • Flow limit: 150 LPM

Other BiPaps Offered:

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