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Nevada Low Air Loss Mattress Rental - Therapy Mattress For Rent - Las Vegas Air Loss Pulsation Therapy Bed Rentals

Low Air Loss Mattress Rental Nevada. Concentrator Repair Services rents Low Air Loss Mattress Rental for short term and long term rental needs. We also rent other home medical equipment. Rent Low Air Loss Mattress Las Vegas Nevada

Low Air Loss Mattress For Rent

Lateral Turning Low Air Loss Pump & Mattress System is the perfect mattress for supporting large patients. The Lateral Rotation Therapy reduces the risk of pulmonary complications for patients who are immobile. It helps control
pressure, moisture, shear and friction, for prevention and treatment of stages I-IV Pressure sore ulcer. This mattress can be used as a replacement of a standard matrress. Models depend on availability. Contact us for more information.

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