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Medical Equipment Rentals

Local Home Medical Equipment For Rent, Available Hospital Equipment Rentals

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Wondering where to find local medical equipment rental in your area? Search Rent It Today's extensive rental database for Medical Equipment, Hospital Equipment, and Surgical supplies. Home medical equipment rentals like portable oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, ramps, CPAP ventilators, hospital beds, and mobility scooters are available from both national and local durable medical supply companies and national distributors.

Who uses Rent It Today? Hospitals, physicians, and healthcare providers look to Rent It Today to find medical equipment rental resource. In addition individuals and in-homecare professionals can rent directly from local companies found here. Many of the largest medical device, surgical system, and hospital equipment distributors market their inventory here. Finding, renting or leasing medical devices and diagnostic imaging systems like C-Arms, portable stretchers, infusion pumps, anesthesia delivery platforms & ultrasound machines is a convenient, efficient process through Rent It Today, where we Make Renting Medical Equipment Simple!

Local Durable Home Medical Equipment Rentals

Wheelchairs for Rent

Wheelchairs & Electric Powerchairs: The big question "Who has a medical equipment for rent in your local city or your travel destination?  Rent It Today can help you find a wide selection of wheelchair rentals, transport chairs, electric wheelchairs, and powerchairs for rent. Wheelchairs are lightweight, comfortable, and maneuverable mobility aids. Transport chairs, commonly referred to as companion chairs, lack a large rear wheel and require a person to push the passenger. Powerchairs are electric wheelchairs that have a small wheelbase, producing a tight turn radius and incredible maneuverability.  Rent It Today offers specialized mobility vehicle rentals like all-Terrain beach wheelchair, designed for use while on vacation at the beach.

Available Hospital Bed Rental and Gel Overlay Mattress

Medical Beds

Hospital Beds: Are you wondering who rents home hospital beds for yourself or a loved one? Full electric hospital beds and semi electric  home care beds are available and are designed to meet patient needs. Renting a medical hospital bed is often the first consideration when setting up a homecare or aging in place situation. Medical beds and bariatric hospital beds are available in several sizes, models, and levels of functionality. Things to keep in mind when choosing a hospital bed: type of frame, mattress and accessories/functionality.

Who Rents Home Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment Rentals

What are the benefits of renting durable home medical equipment? For one, it's a great way to test current and up-to-date healthcare equipment before making an expensive purchase. Considering the rapid advances in medical technology, renting home medical equipment for short term rehabilitation/recovery or even long term healthcare needs is often more practical than making a sizeable investment in medical equipment. Many individuals are learning this and the durable or home medical equipment rental market is one of the fastest growing leasing industries

Popular types of home medical equipment include electric hospital beds, mobility scooters, portable oxygen machine, wheelchairs, powerchairs, patient lifts, lift chairs, wheelchair accessible ramps, low air loss matresses, bariatric healthcare supplies, home medical monitoring systems, accessible vans, and much more.

Rent It Today recommends calling healthcare insurance providers to see if required rental equipment is covered under your medical insurance policy. More importantly, call your physician to ensure the right kind of home medical equipment is being rented. Most medical equipment rental providers have flexible short-term and long-term rental packages, along with lease or rent to own programs.

Scooter Rental, Stairlifts, and Mobility Aids

Pride Scooters Available For Rent

Mobility Scooters, also known as Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECV), are rented by individuals with physical disabilities needing accessible mobility aids and persons who have difficulty walking. Electric mobility scooter rentals are powered by battery operated motors. There are three wheel mobility scooters and four wheel scooters for rent, produced by a variety of manufacturers. Although scooter rentals come in many configurations, they are generally categorized in two groups: standard scooters and transportable scooters, also called travel scooters.

Transportable or portable mobility scooters are collapsible so they can be stored in the trunk of most cars. The freedom that movement scooters provide makes them a common medical rental item in popular tourist areas, vacation resorts, conventions, and theme parks. It's no wonder renting scooters is big business in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.. Some medical scooter providers offer fleet rentals along with a variety of additional mobility rental resources for corporate functions, large events, and convention centers.

Surgical Equipment and Hospital Equipment For Rent

Commercial hospital supplies

Hospital and Surgical Equipment Rentals:  Surgical tools, diagnostic imaging systems, stretchers, surgical tables, anesthesia delivery machines, infusion pumps and just about any kind of medical device or hospital equipment can be listed and searched in Rent It Today's medical equipment rental directory. Hospitals, surgical centers, and physicians rent and lease medical devices for training purposes, to adapt to capital budget constraints, to test new equipment, when waiting for current equipment to be fixed, and for specific operations or procedures.

Medical equipment distributors that specialize in hospital and surgical system rentals offer a variety of state of the art medical equipment and provide an array of related services, including setting up entire operating rooms. Whether a hospital needs to lease a surgical C-Arm system, find an ultrasound machine, or acquire an anesthesia delivery system, Rent It Today effectively provides a valuable online medical device rental catalogue. Rent the hospital equipment you need, when and where you need it!

Finding Medicare Medical Equipment Suppliers

Find Medical Equipment Providers Through Finding the medical equipment you need shouldn't be difficult. Your needs are taken seriously at Rent It Today, which is why we provide you instructions on how to navigate Our article gives you a simple, step-by-step process for finding medical equipment providers in your area that are covered by Medicare.

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