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Environmental Equipment Rentals

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Rent Environmental Equipment

Pollution, asbestos, mercury, and mold are among many elements which can adversely affect health through contamination of the environment. An old maxim about health neatly sums up why environmental testing is important. The saying is: a man with good health has many desires, while a man without good health has only one. 

The risk to the health of inhabitants of contaminated environments is the reason awareness of environmental issues and environmental testing continues to increase. The benefit to the bottom line of a business in reducing liability risks and health insurance costs associated with environmental contamination is another major factor in ramping up environmental awareness. Detection and remediation of potential negative environmental issues is good business practice. You, your employees, and your customers benefit. Rent It Today is pleased to work with rental companies that provide the valuable services of environmental equipment.

Environmental Equipment Instrument

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Because there are a wide range of factors which can create a hazardous environment, it follows that there are numerous types of equipment used to measure and monitor factors which can contribute to an environment which is potentially detrimental to human health. Photoionization detectors, flame ionization detectors, dust monitors, water level and temperature recording devices, lead detection, vapor detection, and fluorometers are all examples of instruments which are available for rent. Other popular rentals include mulitiparameter water quality devices, air monitoring systems, gas detection equipment, heat stress monitors, gas analyzers, vapor detectors, moisture meters, and leak detectors.

Environmental Monitoring System

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Performing and managing environmental engineering activities in fields such as industrial hygiene, occupational health, radiological health, and environmental protection will assist in the goal of ensuring healthful conditions are maintained and that the environment is not adversely affected. Preventing development of hazards is a primary goal, and if hazards are detected and abated, proper monitoring is important to maintain a safe environment.

Soil And Air Sampling Equipment

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Gauging air and/or soil quality by sampling for specific chemical compounds is an investigative tool used to determine and quantify the nature and extent of contaminants and to determine whether potential sources of pollution affect air and soil quality.

The cost to business in sick days, lawsuits and loss of worker productivity each year from poor indoor air quality is staggering and is estimated to run into many millions of dollars. Respiratory ailments, including asthma and lung cancer, are major issues that can be caused by contaminated indoor air. Most airborne pollution is the result of events occurring in the building, and in many cases these events are not visible to the eye. Examples would be sustained moisture in wall or roof cavities, high levels of radioactivity in the soil that the building is situated on, and aging and decaying finish materials, etc. Conducting comprehensive indoor air quality studies to determine if your building is safe for its inhabitants is a win-win proposition. It’s beneficial for employees as well as the bottom line.

Environmental Safety Equipment & Supplies

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Safety at the workplace is paramount. Workplace injuries create inconvenience, distraction and expense for employers through lost workdays and downtime. Protect your workers with safety equipment rentals from a Rent It Today rental partner. Situations will arise where a one-time use of these devices are required. Purchasing can be costly and unnecessary. That’s why our partners offer daily, weekly and monthly rates to give you the flexibility you need. Safety equipment rentals include respirators, gas monitors, confined space blowers, HEPA vacuums, recovery systems, safety cones, manhole lifters, negative air blowers, commercial ventilation fans and more.

Mold Detection and Remediation

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Mold is a life form that thrives in an environment where excessive moisture accumulates. Mold growth can be particularly troubling because it can grow undetected inside walls, above ceilings and beneath floor coverings. Allowed to grow undisturbed, it will become extremely destructive to building materials and can affect the health of the building's occupants. Allergens, irritants and potentially toxic substances known as mycotoxins are some of the byproducts of mold. These byproducts commonly cause allergic reactions if inhaled or touched and can cause severe reactions in sensitive individuals.

This equipment for rent is used to accurately identify and quantify mold in the air . Rent air pollution control and dehumidification rental equipment for your small or large size restoration and abatement projects.

If a mold inspection has been conducted, and an assessment finds the a high mold count level, the contaminated area may be in need of a remediation process. In some cases, the contaminated area can be cleaned by using rental air scrubbers, high output ozone generators for rent, and rental HEPA vacuums.