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Computer Equipment for Rent

If you are searching for a computer rental, then look no further. Rent It Today markets many different makes and models of computers for rent to fulfill the short and long term needs of consumers and businesses. Whether you’re in need of a stationary computer or a portable model for a temporary amount of time, you are sure to find it here.

Additional electronic devices that fall under our computer rental category include items like copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, and multifunction document systems that are commonly used in business and office settings.

Computer Rental, Desktop PC, & Laptops for Rent

Laptops for Rent

When you are looking to rent a computer, you have options. Your decision process will include evaluating your intended use of the computer. In particular, you must consider where and to what extent you will be using the device.

For example, when working from an office or home with no intent of needing to take the computer to a different location, you can rent a computer or PC desktop. If, however, you travel for work or pleasure, renting a laptop is a better suit for your mobile needs.

The benefits of a desktop computer include cost, ease in upgrades, large screen for better viewing, and having no worries about a battery running out.

Likewise, there are advantages to using a laptop computer. Those benefits include portability, power/energy efficiency, and size and weight.

Rent a Computer Monitor, Servers, & Components

rent a computer

A plausible reason to rent a computer is to evaluate specific technologies, software, and applications when contemplating a purchase. For this reason, as well as when a portion of the computer requires servicing or maintenance, Rent It Today markets companies that offer the exclusive rental of a monitor or server.

Monitors come in a variety of formats. Laptops, as well as most newer desktops, include a flat screen or flat panel monitor. There are numerous benefits to the use of a flat panel including its consumption of less power than typical CRT monitors, thus saving money. Flat screen monitors also emit less toxins, making it a safer choice. One of the leading reasons for use of a flat panel is its thin size, which therefore requires less space when in use.

Touch screen monitors are commonly found in tablet computers and gaming consoles, but are also used in a number of other settings. A touch screen can also be a therapeutic adaptable device that allows a person with limited hand movement the ability to use a computer. Likewise, a child too young to manipulate a computer mouse, can also operate games and activities by using a touch screen either at home or within an educational setting. Touch screens can also be found in use within medical, retail, and industrial environments.

Each model of monitor available for rent offers a distinct form of display. For example, an LCD monitor is thin in size, lightweight, and displays images using liquid crystal display. LCD imaging screens are common components of a laptop computer. An LED monitor is considered an LCD as it uses liquid crystal display, but includes one of three specific backlights. For the environmentally conscious, an LED uses less power, are easier to recycle, and unlike other monitor display components, does not contain any mercury. Some LED monitors are flexible in nature for creative applications.

Rent an IPAD, Kindle, or Tablet

Ipads Tablet Devices

The newest form of computer use can be found in a tablet computer. Highly popular, a tablet can be used for playing games, watching movies, surfing the internet, downloading books, video conferencing, and much more. Between the size of a laptop and a Smartphone, a tablet can carry out the same functions as a typical PC, just in a smaller format.

Examples of highly favorable tablets are the IPAD and the Kindle. Both include a touch screen but are adaptable to accommodate a keyboard.

Aside from the business conference, to take notes during a meeting, for use when your PC is being serviced, and trying before buying, a tablet rental is also a wise choice when going on a vacation.

By renting a tablet, you will still have access to loved ones back home, have the ability to quickly share pictures and stories, keep up with the latest news and weather, and locate tourist attractions, eateries, and other hot spots within your vacation destination.

Another benefit of renting a tablet for your trip is the ability to download any number of applications, including child-friendly, to keep everyone entertained during the travel portion of the trip. 

Kiosk Computer for Trade Show

rent a kiosk

If you are in the trade show business, you are already aware of the importance of presenting an exciting, interesting, informative, and unique display. For the most eye-catching display, you must have state-of-the-art equipment. That equipment is highly priced and undergoes frequent upgrades in electronics.

In order to avoid spending an excessive amount of money, the most efficient measure is to rent your trade show computer kiosk as needed.

Kiosk computers draw in the consumer by creating an interactive internet presence while maintaining minimal space and set up. They allow the conduction of surveys, collection of information, and provide a Q and A platform. By renting a kiosk for your next trade show, you can present a demo of your product in an aesthetically pleasing approach, as well as capture and engage your audience without having to make a costly investment.

For additional electronic equipment commonly used when setting up trade show displays like video projectors and AV rentals please visit our electronic rental category page.