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Commercial Property Rentals

Commercial Real Estate Rentals

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Commercial Properties for Rent

Almost every successful business enterprise will enter into a lease for some type of space. Locating the right commercial office or warehouse space is an important step that deserves careful consideration. There are many commercial real estate options and factors, not the least of which is the language of the lease agreement itself. Location, zoning, square footage, signage, building characteristics, parking facilities, adjoining tenants and local taxes are primary factors to be taken into account.

Rent It Today partners with agents who list commercial property for rent or lease. Perhaps your business is ready to grow out of the house or garage, and the time has arrived to start searching for office space to rent. Maybe your business is expanding, and you're ready to find your next warehouse, office space, or retail space. Rent It Today markets office space, industrial space,  retail space and other types of commercial real estate for rent or lease.

Shopping Center Retail Space for Rent

Retail Space Rentals

Landing desirable retail space for rent at a shopping center primarily requires attention to location. Prime retail properties are ideally located in population dense areas along well traveled transportation routes to allow for exposure to maximum traffic. Demographics and income levels in the surrounding areas are also important.

When evaluating a shopping center location, questions that need to be addressed include: Do the demographics of the shoppers fit that of your prospective customers? Would the center offer the best sales potential for your kind of merchandise or service?  Can your business compete with the other stores?

Naturally, the amount of space you want for your location will determine your costs. Many merchants find they must reevaluate their space requirements when in a shopping center or mall. Rents are typically higher, so space must be used in an efficient manner. You will want to consider the amount of space will you need to handle your expected sales volume. Be sure that the prospective location has sufficient interior space for inventory, an area for an office, and possibly a receiving/shipping and storage area. You might also take into account the possibility for an expansion.

The importance of location in a center cannot be understated. Do you need to be in the main flow of customers as they walk between the anchor tenants or the stores with the greatest traffic? Who will your neighbors be and how might they affect your sales?

Rent It Today has the resources you need to make your shopping center retail space rental search successful.

Business Complex For Rent, Lease Office Space

Rent Office Space

          Experts offer the following suggestions when evaluating prospective office space: Determine as accurately as possible how much space you need. Don't guess, as miscalculations and mistakes in this process can be very costly. Establish a budget both for the rent and for your moving and expenses related to relocation. When considering office space, keep in mind you'll pay for space you don't really utilize, such as hallways, and stairwells. Investigate about the building's power supply. Older buildings may not have sufficient electrical power to operate computers, air conditioners and other equipment. Ask about building service and access. During what hours are services provided? Many buildings do not run air conditioners and heaters at night. Will you have late-night or weekend access?

          After evaluating the answers to these questions, you can begin your office rental space here, through Rent It Today.

          Warehouse Space For Rent or Lease

          Renting an entire warehouse or subdivided space within a warehouse may be the best strategy for your storage requirements.  Warehouses are a wise choice for storing large items or a numerous quantity of items, especially those that will need to be sheltered and protected.  Renting warehouse space is ideal for short-term storage needs, for long-term storage and distribution, or for both.

          When you are getting a small business off the ground, renting warehouse space on a short-term basis is a desirable option. Utilizing your basement or garage may suffice in the beginning, but a larger space is required as the business grows. A small business won't need a huge warehouse, yet will need more space than what a household garage can provide. Renting warehouse space for your business storage will give your home or office the space needed to do business, while your product is safely housed at the warehouse facility.

          If you run a larger business whose storage needs require a high volume facility, you'll find these at Rent It Today. Temperature-controlled, refrigerated, special needs, and standard freight storage can be rented for any amount of time needed.