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Camera Description

Philadelphia Camera Rentals-H2 Hasselblad Cameras for Rent-Pennsylvania Photography Equipment Rental:

H2 Hasselblad camera rentals in Philadelphia, PA. The Hasselblad H2 camera rental is similar to the H1 but has some new compatibility feautures and 22MP. CSI Rentals offers Camera rentals, camcorders, photography, video and digital equipment in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, Scranton, Bethlehem, and all of Pennsylvania.

The Hasselblad H2 Medium Format Auto Focus SLR Camera is a camera built in the fine tradition of Hasselblad featuring auto and manual focus giving the pro shooter all the benefits of a high-end medium format 6x4.5 film camera with digital capabilities.

The camera used Fujinon manufactured lenses and prisms, thus departing from Hasselblad's long association with Carl Zeiss when it comes to lens manufacturing. Shutter in the lenses was still manufactured by Hasselblad and so is the body. Hasselblad initially invited both PhaseOne and Kodak to develop digital backs for the H-System.

The H2 had a number of other innovations, including:
- replacement of the removable dark slide with a fold-out lever
- inserts and backs that could accept both 120 and 220 film
- automatic film advance
- digital back integration
- electronic leaf shutters with timing from 1/800 seconds down to 18 hours
- has 22MP

As with the V series, most H1 and H2 series components were compatible with one another.

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