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Fresno Camera Rentals - 503CW Hasselblad Cameras for Rent - California Photography Equipment Rental:

503CW Hasselblad camera rentals in Fresno, California. The 503CW is the final product in the line of Hasselblad's V series. RIT offers Camera rentals, camcorders, photography, video and digital equipment in Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, Selma and all of California.

Throughout the life of the V Series, Hasselblad incrementally updated the cameras. The 500C gave way to the 500C/M, the 503 CX and 503 CXi, the 501C and 501C/M, and finally the 503CW as the basic manual. The SWC was replaced by the SWC/M, the 903 SWC, and finally by the 905 SWC. The 500EL's replacements included the 500EL/M, 500ELX, 553ELX, and the 555ELD. First introduced in the 500 ELX, TTL/OTF (through the lens/off the film) flash metering was also a feature of the 503CX, which was replaced by the 503CXi and finally the 503CW. Alongside these 500-series cameras, a series of focal plane shutter cameras was introduced. They marked the return to Victor Hasselblad's original desire to have a small camera with fast shutter speeds (1/2000 s) and fast lenses. The name "V System" was not created until the development of the "H System"; with a new system premiering, Hasselblad needed a designation to differentiate the older product line. All V system cameras except the 503CW are discontinued.

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