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Rent a Car

Rent It Today is your source for finding city car share programs, automobile leasing companies, and car rental services. You will also find affordable trucks for rent. Further, we feature a wide variety of wheelchair van rentals and handicapped accessible minivans.

Compact Cars & Automobiles

Cars for Rent

Having the option to take part in a car rentals is almost as old as the automobile itself. The reasons driving the need to rent a vehicle are as varied as the models available for rent. Like most any industry, however, there are always new business models that bring change, and the same can be said about the automobile rental business. For example, city care sharing programs are becoming an extremely popular service. Be it travel, business, family excursions, damage / repair replacement, or simply the desire to experience a different set of wheels, Rent It Today is the place to find cars and automobiles for rent.

Is your class represented in the homecoming parade? It can be in a car rental through one of our rent a car partners.

Truck Rentals & Utility Vehicles

Truck Rental

The market for truck rentals is huge and largely driven by the short term need for a moving truck. A moving truck rental is the smart answer when a purchase just is not practical. The reasons for truck rental could fill volumes. Whatever your reason for needing to rent a truck, Rent It Today is your source for locating a rental truck provider.

SUV & Sedans

Rent Luxury Cars

So, you're ready for an SUV or sedan car rental. Larger cars with bucket seating provide the ultimate in comfort. Sure, they might be a bit more expensive, but you'll remember the quality after you forget the price. Experience what going first class is all about. Like anything else in life, car rental has its exclusive reaches, and renting a luxury car lets you experience elegance on wheels. When it's time to live it up, you've come to the right place. If you are looking for a true luxury automobile experience, check out Rent It Today’s exotic car rentals.

Vans for Handicapped and Disabled

Minivan for rent

If you, a loved one, or a business associate are an individual who requires adaptive equipment for mobility, Rent It Today is proud to work with reputable handicap rental van providers throughout the USA. Here, you'll find businesses providing quality rental vans with handicap accessible features. Wheelchair van rental providers you'll find here regularly inspect their vehicles to ensure you receive an accessible vehicle rental that is reliable and comfortable.

Handicap minivan rental providers typically offer delivery to your location as an option. Be advised that handicap van availability can fluctuate with seasonal and holiday demand, so it is wise to consider reserving a wheelchair minivan rental in advance to assure that a vehicle meeting your requirements is available.

Mini Vans & Cargo Vans For Rent

Cargo Van Rental

Renting a minivan makes perfect sense when you are hitting the road with the family. So why not take advantage of a rental minivan and make this a trip to remember? A minivan rental will make your excursion seem like it is taking place in your own living room on wheels.

Cargo van rentals are a good choice when you're shuttling between your home and storage destination or setting up something for your business or event. Movers find renting a cargo van will make those small moves easier. Cargo vans are designed for ease of loading and unloading with most having both side and rear access. Visit Rent It Today any time you find the need to rent a cargo van.